Sunday, January 18, 2015


Get ready for a rather large post...
But, hey- if you like pictures- THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU!
I didn't want to leave any pictures out of this wedding post, because honestly- each of them have some kind of meaning to me. 
So, bear with me...and also- family- take these pictures!
 Before I get into the good stuff...I have to tell you the bad.
This shirt was BRAND NEW. 
Not that clothes are people or anything...but when you are staying in a hotel, away from home and have one shirt to wear with your don't want to see this happen!
I saw some wrinkles in this lovely shirt and decided- IRONING WOULD FIX THIS!
No...Celeste wasn't thinking (and her husband wasn't paying attention) and she decided that it would be wise to check the heat and just put it down on that shirt.
Well...soon enough- this hole arrived and I was a little worried...

Thank heaven my dress goes OVER the shirt and thank heavens that it wasn't on my sleeve!
Guys- I would have died.

Ok- no more drama :) 
Here are some pictures from the gorgeous and PERFECT wedding day.

 (of course I had to try and get the lipstick off after right?)
 (and then this is how he ALWAYS reacts :))
 some of the nieces and nephews

 This little girl :)
 My oldest sister and he husband and babe

 My older brother with all of his fam!

 Gosh- those two

 Craig had too much fun playing with these boys in the muddy grass...surprised he didn't walk away with stains...ha
 This is my other sister and her cute fam

 The ones who started it all...I am so blessed
 The best men...yes ladies...some of them are single!!

 Are those eyes real???

 Siblings and parents :)
 HA! this is such a good picture of all of us :)
Gosh- couldn't be more perfect :)

 I think that we are really...anyone?

 The wind picked up right as we took this pic...cute girls...cute.
All the boys in the fam :)
I love everything about these pictures.
I can't even put into words how much this family of mine means to me.
To say I am grateful is an understatement.

This weekend couldn't have been any more perfect
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