Monday, January 19, 2015

The After Party

After the wedding that Saturday, we had a chance to unwind while eating some lunch and having some fun in a candy shop :)
We headed back to the hotel after and got ready for the next event of the day.

We arrived at a very (lovely) smelly barn :)
At first, I was a little worried about the smell of cows in the air...but that soon was taken away with the smell of an amazing waffle truck...gosh...that sounds dang good right now.
So here are some pictures of the beautiful evening- don't mind my loser comments along the way :)

My brothers favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids and Meg's is Hot Tamales- so they made a compromise and served both :)

 Their photographer seriously is AMAZING!

The smell of waffles at the far corner was seriously intoxicating.

He is my partner in crime :) I love when he busts out a sign- love this guy

The whole night, Lainey wanted to dance...and when she didn't want to dance, she wanted to "go see Uncle Ryan's princess"

Ok- let me just make a note right here...
These two had the most perfect first dance I have ever seen.
They were romantic, they were goofy, and they were the best part of the night :)
Gosh, it just doesn't get better!

And the rest of the dancing was just the best :) 
I told Craig that he had two options (because he DOES NOT dance- as he would say)
1. Dance your freakin heart out...
2. You can hide behind the camera and capture some good pictures!
He chose the latter :)
Avery was a dancing machine that night!

I got some dance moves up my sleeve...
Another good part of the night (that can never go forgotten)
would be when my brother-in-law Kipp decided that tonight was the night that he show the family his hidden dance skills. 
All of a sudden (out of no where) we see kipp going crazy!
He was boody poppin on Ryan and then was on the ground breakdancing!
HA! Best memories ever I tell ya

...and another...
well, maybe you didn't want to see this one...
...Or this one...but too late :) hahahaha!!!!
Craig said this one was his favorite :)
If you couldn't already tell, this was the best weekend ever.
My family is complete...for the most part :)
All of my brothers and sisters are no married, one is done having kids, some have some kids with hopefully more on the way, and the youngest are yet to get started :)
I am so grateful to be able to be sealed to my fam forever. 
That really is the greatest miracle of all.
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