Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Life of a Picture Takin Wife

Before we left St. George on Sunday, we went to the nearest ward.
Lately I have been the one waiting on Craig to go places...
This really is a laughable matter because he only takes like 15 min. to get ready...but I think he might be caring a little bit more about how he looks lately :) HA
He is a funny bug :)
As I was waiting (because I am very impatient) 
I decided it would be a good idea to take at least one more picture from the amazing weekend.
I kept trying to catch him in pictures just to make him mad :)

This is my mischievous face...just to clarify...
This is totally his "doing my hair" face...cracks me up
He was ready to go and agreed to a quick picture :)
Just one of course :)
 photo Signature3.png

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  1. haha my husband does this too with his hair. I swear that's the only thing he has to do as far as "getting ready ritual" goes, but he takes FOREVER and it always has to be perfect. Quite frankly it looks the same even if he things it's not perfect haha



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