Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Christmas...

After we got home on Christmas Eve, I hopped in my jammies and remembered that I had failed at taking any pictures of my Christmas tree that whole season!

 I love the warmth that a tree adds to the room...I swear if I was allowed a budget to decorate it for every holiday, I would :)

 I had asked Craiger at the beginning of our break to move our bed into the living room for a couple reasons...
#1. I would be able to fall asleep and watch Grey's Anatomy
#2. Craiger and I could talk as we lay under the Christmas tree :)
#3. I could fall asleep to the lights of the Christmas tree and wake up right by it also :)
 It didn't take much convincing and soon our bed was in between our couches!
Before heading to bed, we snapped a few pictures of our 2nd married Christmas together :)
 I love you squinty eyes!

 And that was that :)

The next morning, we woke up, got breakfast ready, and headed over- breakfast, presents, and all- to my in-laws...across the backyard :P

There we opened presents, ate yummy food, and skyped with my brother-in-law who is in Ohio servin the people!
It was fun to be able to talk with him again...but I seriously just want him home now...
 That afternoon, we got in real clothes and headed over to The District to see Into The Woods with my fam.
Good movie...love the music...little bit long...but good :)
But that is coming from a HUGE musical fan...so take it for what it's worth.

 Don't mind the snow one bit :)

 Love me some Christmas break...now can we do it all over again??
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