Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Year

This semester, I started taking classes geared straight for my major.
Drugs, modifying health behaivor, ethics, and human two other health classes online.
On the 2nd day of my Modifying Health Behavior class, we did an assesment called the Wellness Wheel.
Pretty much you just answer 10 questions in each of the 12 sections of "wellness." 
As I took the test, I decided to start writing things down that I wanted to better at.
Some of these are random ones that I personally know that I need to do better on, but others are things that I might want to change. 
So, despite January almost being over...
consider this my "NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS" list...if it suits you :)
 + flossing/mouthwash-ing Every Single Day
+ take time in the day to: take a deep breath, meditate, and relax (no distractions)
+ stop biting my fingernails
+ eat more fruits/veggies each day
+ only eat when I really need to
+ LESS sugar
+ exercise more...(big one)

along with that goes- stretching 5+ time a week, going and taking classes, taking the time to start running (and enjoying it)
+ take criticism better
+ compliment others more (and MEAN it still)
+ express feelings (anger/disappointment) better
+ tell others I love them more- CRAIGER
+ drink MORE water (I have issues with this one) 
+ judging others- watch out
+ have an activity that I do and do it because I love it and because I don't HAVE to
+ be a better listener - don't interrupt others
+ be more comfortable in my body- and this will have another kind a result :)
+ look into what I want for when I die...
sound weird? ya- it might be...but just listen...
^^ What do I want my little legacy to be when I am gone??
+ strengthen my personal relationship with God and give Him the time He deserves
+ pray more personally
+ be positive about others and cheer them on for their successes
+ read scriptures (personal and family) 
So, there you have it.
I hope that I can look back on this list in a few months time...or even a year...and see that I really attempted to make some changes...or maybe even succeeded and are still making changes! 
That would be even better :)
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  1. i should probably make almost every one of these my new years resolutions too! haha!

    1. Ha- Kelli- you have already perfected half of these and more I am sure!!


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