Sunday, January 4, 2015

Oh Random...

So, here are a couple of the most random pictures I could ever post...
Prepare yourselves
1// This is my Craiger playing his G-tar. 
He absolutely loves to just open his laptop up and find new songs to play. 
But, he never has time to. So finally after finals this semester, he broke it out.
We sat down after coming home from a busy night and we played and sang for over an hour.
I had so much fun sitting and doing something that he loves, with him.
He is a pretty talented guy :)
2// Craig and two of his brothers.
We are missing Bronson who is on a mission, but gets back this July!! 
I can't even handle the excitement.
3// First attempt at the braid doo. Gosh. 
Please be honest- bad??
I seriously was worried for Craig to see me that night..haha!
I was fearing that he would call me Olga or something!!
  4// These are the best kind of texts that I get from my husband :) haha!
He has this obsession with weird animals and sometimes I get these types of things...ha!
5// Last but not least- the greatest picture (and most true) ever!
Honey- I don't know what clothes you are talking about??
Happy Sunday Everyone!
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  1. okay - the braid is awesome! seriously, you NAILED IT. also - that last picture and the clothes? UH OH. that's me like 24/7.

    1. I still don't know how I feel about it...I just might be one of those people that try to rock it...but really on the inside- SUPA worried about what I really look like..ha!
      Too funny :)

  2. I also love the braid and that's the honest opinion.
    And if your husband likes weird animals he needs to watch this.



    1. Mila! You are too cute! Thank you :) HA! I will totally have him watch this :)


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