Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Candy Smuggler

Yup, that's me...
So here is the story.
October is a crazy time in the finance department at AMP.
So, as a reward, we get to go see a movie while on the clock- yes- I am very fortunate.
So, one of the guys I work with snuck a HUGE bag of candy into the theater. Somehow he got away with it- don't ask me how.
So once inside the movie theater, I was going to have a treat and was trying to open the bag. 
Well, in the meantime, my boss snapped a picture of me with it.
Now, what is he going to do with this picture?
Well, here is the other part of the story!
My hubs is a very good guy.
Soon after we were married, we were headed into a movie and I handed him a little tiny bag of candy and asked if he could put it in his pocket. 
He looked at me and was like, No! I am not going to put that in my pocket!
I, knowing that he can be a jokester, laughed and handed it to him.
Soon after, I realized that he had not been joking, but really wasn't going to take the candy and put it in his pocket!
I was in a rage! I couldn't believe that he was seriously being this 'saint like'.
Growing up, my family never DIDN'T take a treat into the movie- and I never once thought about this being bad!
Well, obviously Craig had had a different experience and was of course, not going to bend rules.
Back to the smuggling...
My boss knows my whole family and soon had sent them all this picture. 
And of course, they sent it to Craig.
When I got back to work and was sitting at my desk, the head of our HR department came in and said, Celeste there are some cops out front who are asking for you. 
I was freaking out and didn't know what to do/believe. 
So, being as brave as I could, I walked out the door and NO THERE WERE NO COPS.
BUT, on the door was the sign you see above.
I got a pretty good snorty laugh going and was able to stop sweating!
I do work with some pretty hilarious people and this is just an example of what they put me through :)
Have a happy Saturday!
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