Friday, January 2, 2015

What We Deserve...Or at least what we THINK we do

Despite the day or time...I want ice cream.
I change my mind on the type, color, kind, flavor, and toppings each day- but honestly.
Ice Cream sounds good 99.9% of the time.
My co-workers probably get tired of hearin me say- I WANT ICE CREAM.
But really. I think the reason is because I work very close to a Macey's. 
And we all know about their cheap and great ice cream!
All of the past semester, everyday I found myself saying things like, "Because I went to class today, I deserve ice cream" (when in fact, I only missed one class)
"I did better than I thought I would on that I deserve ice cream!"
"I did SO awful on that I think I should go get ice cream!"
Well folks- I am hear to tell you that...
We all deserve ice cream cones...EVERYDAY.
Do any of you guys have issues like me?
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  1. hahaha i love this. you DO deserve ice cream every day!!


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