Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baby Young - 15 Weeks

I wrote this little bump date back on Thursday...but I finally got to posting it!!

baby young bump date!
I never thought that I would make it this far! Time started to fly once I hit 12 weeks, and I am not going to complain about that :) 
how far along:
15 Weeks

baby is the size of a...

...still are dying to know...

maternity clothes?
Nope- just loose stuff and fat jeans!

Other than getting up 3 times a night to pee, it isn't too shabby. If I get woken up around 5 or 6 it is sometimes hard for me to fall asleep again because I have to pee (again!) and I notice how hungry I am...

This would have been a straight up no, but! I swear when Craig and I were laying in bed today I felt something! It was just a little fluttery feeling, but it wasn't in my tummy...that is for sure...

best moment of the week:
 Thursday morning talks in bed because we both aren't in a rush to get anywhere...
Also, I got to babysit my niece Bailey Sue while her parents and family went skiing for the day...more on that later :) 

worst moment of the week:
I had a very long day at work and school. When I got home, I was hungry (as usual) and just plain stressed. I was feeling so uncomfortable in my body and thought that a shower would help. I sat in the shower and just cried for a while. I am so proud of my body and everything it is taking on right now, but at the same time...I guess I thought this would all be a little bit easier. Every other woman out there makes pregnancy look like this easy and glamorous thing...but I don't feel like it is suiting me as well. I got a good cry out and put back on my big girl panties. I know life will most likely get harder from here on out and I also know that this crappy stuff that I have to go through right now is all going to be worth it the moment I see my sweet babe.

miss anything?
Sleeping on my belly...or even just laying on it! Anytime I try, I end up feeling really sick

food cravings:
I am so happy to have a little bit more of my appetite back. No, I don't really like seeing the number on the scale go up slowly, but I do enjoy my days more. 
I have been loving fruit lately- pineapple and raspberries are a favorite right now. 
Still loving Cereal- this week it has been some of the worst you can imagine...Lucky Charms, Mini Wheats, and Reeces Puffs!
Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup never gets old. The funny part is that I have NEVER liked Tomato soup...gosh, before I was pregnant... I was not a fan!
Other than that, it is seeming to become more normal. I don't feel like that I have to eat as often which is nice.

anything make you queasy?
Strong smells are the worst. Lunch time at work is awful. Everyone walks in with their smelly food and then if I have to go warm up my food, I fee like I have to try and hold my breath to make sure I don't gag.

am I showing:
Yes :) I have a little bump!
I have come to terms with the fact that I have a pretty small body and there is just not a lot of room for this baby to go. Also...wasn't really a friggin stick

weight gain:
I am back around where I as before I lost weight in December and January. I would say from my real starting weight I have most likely gained about 1 or 2 pounds.

belly button: 
In, In, In!
It is starting to look different than before though...

happy or moody?
Pretty Happy! Still pretty tired by the night time, but I feel that I am still a little emotional at times :)

looking forward to:
Well...really looking forward to finding out if our little peach is boy or a girl. But...that seems like FOREVER away because my Doc does not do Ultrasounds too often...bummer. 
Other than that...looking forward to school being over, summer vacations, and more time for Craiger and I.
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