Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Young- 6 weeks

I am now 15 weeks...but this was from a little while back...
I was not really documenting at this point in the this was one random post I pictures of my (not showing yet) belly :) 
baby young bump date!
how far along:
Do not really know at this point...
When I took my test two weeks said 3 +...
so maybe around 5 + now?
(I was actually 6!) 

baby is the size of a...
At week 6 it would be...
the size of a ?

We don't know yet!
maternity clothes?
Nadda...but! I seriously am having a hard time wearing 
things that are tight on my belly at all. 
It seems to make me more sick.

Most of the time I sleep relatively well. 
But, if I don't eat right before I go to bed, 
I wake up absolutely miserable all night long. 
(I'm telling you- this is a lose lose situation!)


best moment of the week:
 Being able to tell family and some friends :)
I am most excited to be able to create some missionary 
packages to send out to a friend 
and my brother in law!

miss anything?
I miss feeling like myself...
I have only been sick for one week, and am going on my 
next and I am tired of feeling like I can eat whatever 
I want, when I want. There are only a few food items 
that ever sound good, and even then, it is hard to 
get anything down.

food cravings:
Gosh, this is where it gets a little weird maybe. 
My body doesn't really want anything to do with meat. 
I tried eating chicken fingers the other night and had to 
gag down the last two. I could eat white bread with 
balsamic vinegar all day, peanut butter is a quick snack, and 
SALADS. I hope I don't ever get sick of them because they 
really do taste so good. The only down side is that they aren't 
very feeling because all I want is just the salad and the 
dressing. Vinegarette dressings...yum. 

anything make you queasy? thank you. 
Any kind of strongly flavored food 
is so BAD!!
(the list goes on)

am I showing:
nope nope nope!

weight gain:
 I have actually been losing weight. 
Now that I know I am pregnant,
 I realize why I lost weight during the holidays now! 
I just didn't quite have the appetite I did before. 
So I am actually down about 6 pounds. 

belly button:
happy or moody?
Hormones are a beast. 
I was very happy the first week I found out, 
but now that I am so sick ALL DAY LONG, 
I have a hard time cracking a smile unless someone 
makes me laugh. I feel like a wimp always asking Craig 
for help, but I know that he wants to help too....
so emotional would be the word, I guess?

looking forward to:
February 3rd....
Finally we will have more information!
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