Tuesday, March 17, 2015

January 6, 2015

Here is a little post I wrote when we found out about our little bean :)
Gotta keep somewhat of a journal during this exciting time!
This year started out like any other year...maybe even a little bit more mellow.
Usually I try and think of things that I want to improve on...but I was either too busy to worry about it...or just didn't feel like trying.
January usually is not a month to remember for me.
For the last couple years- I don't remember thinking- THIS IS GOING TO BE A BIG YEAR!
But, as I was driving home from Drill one day, I starting to just think...
Just a little bit of thinking.
I soon realized that this wouldn't be just another year.
This would be a new start. 
Or at least- the start of something new!
(high school musical come to mind?? HA!)
I thought about how Craig will be applying to Dental school this year, he wouldn't have any studying over the summer and could work full-time (which means more saving!), we would maybe get pregnant this year...if that was in the cards...and we would find out where we would be spending the next four years! 
I knew that this year would bring it's own special ups and downs, but so does every year. 
These ups and downs will be waiting to see the applications or acceptance letters...etc.
But, then January 6th came.
I can't help but get a little emotional when I type this out.
It still doesn't feel quite real :)
After coming home for drill team one morning...I started thinking.
I had recently stopped taking birth control because my body was not functioning like it was supposed to. 
Maybe this will be TMI, but it's a journal member??
I was on birth control before getting married because I have always had a lot of irregular periods. 
Once on it, I would have completely normal periods!
It honestly was a complete life saver and I couldn't have been happier!
But recently, my body just wasn't acting the same. 
On random days of the month, I would bleed...and then the week came where I was supposed to start and I never would. It would just pass on by.
After this had gone on for a couple months, I just stopped taking birth control thinking that my body just needed a break.
Along with this, I need to mention that I wasn't really going to try and prevent because my Doc at already told me that it wouldn't be that easy for me to get pregnant. He warned me that it would most likely take 6-9 months for a little something to happen.
So Craig and I kept on our business and I wasn't concerned.
We have talked about having children many times! Many...
But, we just knew it most likely wouldn't happen for a while.
After 3 months of no period- on January 6th, I decided to crack open another pregnancy test to prove to myself that it was time to go to the doctor to see what was going on inside me.
I peed on the stick and set it down on the counter and continued to get ready for work.
After finishing up, I was about to leave to iron my shirt and I glanced down to see what the test said.
To my surprise, this little digital pregnancy test did not say "NOT" where it was supposed to...
All it said was..
I quickly grabbed it thinking that it was just the lighting and that is why I couldn't see the NOT off to the side.
Well, I searched everywhere on that little screen and couldn't find ANYTHING.
All of a sudden a little
+3 appeared below it...
I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. 
Then giggled...
Then smiled some more.
This was obviously followed by much more smiling and giggling. 
But- I was in complete shock...Really :)

I couldn't believe that I had a baby inside...ME!!!

I will always remember this moment because I was the only one that knew...only one!
But, I didn't quite believe it yet and had to go to the store on my way to work to get a couple more tests...and drink lots and lots of water :)
Stay tuned for when I told Craiger!
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  1. This is so sweet. Congratulations!!

  2. Thank you so much Becky! We are pretty dang thrilled about it :)

  3. Yay! So excited for you! My husband is also going to dental school and is preparing to take the DAT right now. We're trying to figure out when would be the best time to have children. I'm so happy for you though because, for us, it has been really stressful trying to figure the timing. It must be right for you guys and that makes my heart happy. xo

  4. Thank you cute Mila :) Dental school is another stress on top of the baby, I promise :) It was very stressful for Craig and I as well. I was always in conflict with what to do about school, my hubs school, work, money, and of course babies. I wanted to start my family, but didn't know if I was willing to make the sacrifices for it yet. But, then it happened without my "approval" yet, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Craiger and I have had to learn to figure some stuff out and just be plain happy for this amazing time in life :) Thank you so much for your sweet words because honestly, It means so very much to me :)


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