Monday, April 13, 2015

18 Weeks!

I seriously can't believe that it is already 18 weeks!! Two more weeks and I will be about half way through this pregnancy! That deserves a HOO-RAH! 
Although being pregnant is definitely not a walk in the park, I know that the surprise at the end will be completely worth it :)

Before I get started with this little Bumpdate though, I have to share some exciting news! 
We had my doctors appointment about 2 days before I was 18 weeks.
The appointment was completely normal...until the very end when my doctor surprised me with a little ultrasound!

We were able to find out what we are having! 
So here are some little pictures---see if you can guess!



baby young bump date!
how far along:
18 weeks

baby is the size of a...
Dragon Fruit?
 Weight: 6.70 oz.
Length: 5.59 in.

so excited to say that we know, along with some family and friends

maternity clothes?
Still going strong without em...but it is getting real hard.
I have worn dresses to work all week, except for Friday which was more of a jammie bottom day...:/

Getting up in the middle of then night is getting it is only about once a night. Glad that bladder of mine is holding up :)
Sleeping is getting more difficult though. I find that I am pretty tossy turny in the night, but that could because of the stress of planning for baby! 
I am thinking I will get myself one of those little prego pillows to sleep with soon.

So happy to say...YES!!
Although the movement is something that only I can feel right now, it really is the most special thing. I feel like it is our little moment together.
Best part of being pregnant!  

best moment of the week:
  Getting to see our sweet baby and watch "it" move around in my belly! Gosh, it is amazing.

worst moment of the week:
I had a few dramatic breakdowns in the past that Craig did not know what to do with me in...but we got through it.
Heavens, the littlest things will make me cry.
I have always been known for being emotional, but things just got 10X worse...
We also had spring break this week (which was seriously a gift from heaven), but I am not looking forward to having an insane schedule again...

miss anything?
I think that I have become Lactose Intolerant because of this little babe, so I have been avoiding plain milk at all cost. It makes me feel pretty sick and is just not worth it. Although, there are many times when I am home that I question that. Sometimes it seems like a big glass of milk would just solve all of my problems. 
It doesn't folks.
So here is to many months of Almond Milk.

food cravings:
Loving orange juice. Can't get enough.
Pasta Salads...
Cinnamon Rolls...
Nothing crazy comes to mind...

anything make you queasy?
Eggs. Gosh those things are just disgusting!
I can eat them, but if I get a wiff...we are done for.
Onions are even worse though. Those things are not welcome.

am I showing:
Yes, hopefully people aren't just thinking I have gained lots of weight...but it is defiantly there.

weight gain:
I really am not sure...I am thinking it is somewhere about 4-5 lbs?

belly button: 
But, it is looking different the further along I is starting go more out!

happy or moody?
Emotional and happy...not too moody...
but maybe we should ask Craig what he thinks!

looking forward to:
School being over for the Spring...then onto 2nd block of Summer!
Buying more things for the nursery and baby!
Vacations in the summer...gosh those could come a little faster please!
Quitting my job in August...couldn't be more excited about that right now.
and seeing my sweetie again in 2 weeks for our next little 20 week ultrasound!

 Love this baby too much already :)
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  1. That's too bad about milk!! We love milk, but we are on a diet right now so we have been drinking Almond Milk and it's totally grown on me!

    So excited for you! I want to know the gender!!

  2. AH Aubrey! It seriously is the worst!! :( But, I am getting a little more used to this whole Almond Milk gig...took me a while :)

    I will let everyone know the gender soon here :) I am not that creative with announcing it (ya time either..ha!) But it will be soon :)

  3. I'm a bit lactose intolerant too, and I have some suggestions! First off, you really will get more used to almond milk after a while. I prefer unsweetened original because it has the least strong taste (and fewest calories I think?). Second off, I recently went to a food allergist, and she suggested I try Lactaid milk. It's normal milk but without the lactose, and it has been great for me! I don't ever just drink a big glass of it or anything, but on cereal or with a little glass, I never have any problems with it. You could try that! I think most stores carry it.


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