Saturday, May 16, 2015

22 Weeks

baby young bump date!
this was my only picture at 22 weeks besides my dance picture! oops! 
AND I am late because I am now 23 weeks!
how far along:
  22 weeks

baby is the size of a...
 Weight: 1-1.3 lb.
Length: 11.12 in.
(crown to heel) 

a sweet baby girl

maternity clothes?
still just my two shirts and 1 pair of pants!
I act like that is some kind of accomplishment- but really it is just an accomplishment because I am really trying hard not to spend lots of money on me right now!

still getting up a couple times a night, but the sleep has been better since getting my SNOOGLE! HA! Craig calls the pillow- Baymax :) 
It is a little joke that I find pretty darn funny!
I guess you will only get it if you have seen Big Hero 6- (great movie by the way!)

she LOVES to move around! Her most active times are during that day around 12-1 pm and then during the night time before and during bedtime. I love her little kicks when they aren't right into my bladder...but she must think it is pretty funny to give me a good "AH!" moment every now and then :)

best moment of the week:
  this past week Craig and I took some time to go stroller/car seat shopping. I have to admit that I really haven't been too excited about this part. There are SO many different options and although I don't want to spend a lot of money on it, I want to make sure it is great quality and something that I will love. 
While we were at the store, we had a man showing us all the different popular styles and such. He showed us how to use each one and all the features that grab everyone. 
On the Britax Travel System he was showing us how easy it was for us to close and open the stroller. He made it look EFFORTLESS. 
Well, he walked away and Craig and I continued to look at it. Craig decided he wanted to give it a try. 
After a little teamwork, we got the stroller to fold :) 
We laughed at how funny we looked...and then Craig tried not to get embarrassed :)
We then looked at that for a little...and then came time to un-fold the stroller. 
After both of us were bent over this thing trying our hardest to figure it out, we just started laughing so hard and so loud! We obviously aren't parents yet- or we would have had this mastered! 
I remember just pausing that moment and wanting to remember it forever :) 
We will never have that first again and honestly, I fell even more in love with Craig that night :)    
worst moment of the week: 
can 'work' in general count as the worst moment of the week? 

miss anything?
being able to get my body in certain positions...
I have been quite flexible my whole life, but now, it is just plain uncomfortable. When I reach for something with straight legs, I am reminded that my organs are not where they used to be. It feels like my ribs are trying to pierce through things they shouldn't be touching! I have realized I need to be a little bit nicer to my body and not try forcing things so much anymore...
food cravings:
honestly, just real food! Which is good- better!
I used to just want unhealthy little things, but I have been able to eat chicken twice this week which is a record!!
I have realized that I need to start eating healthier---now just gotta go for it...

anything make you queasy?
Let's just say I seriously got in an argument with my boss this week because he was keeping salsa in little plastic containers in the fridge. I walked into work and opened the fridge to put my food away and VOOOOM!! Onions people...onions. Seriously Jeff?! Ya...I kinda got after him and was really frustrated. 
RESPECT for the pregnant people with really good noses?! 
Where is Aretha Franklin when you need her...

am I showing:
OHH. Yes. The belly is getting harder and larger.

weight gain:
8 Pounds...goooosh. 
belly button:  
In, but I am starting to wonder for how much longer...

happy or moody?
HAPPY! I really feel like I have been so happy since school ended and I have just been able to relax more! 
I finished school strong and feel very proud!
Out of my 6 classes (18 credits) I got 5 A's and only 1 A-!!
Now I just get to do 12 in the Fall (while having a baby and figuring out how to be a mom) and 18 in the Spring...WISH ME LUCK!

looking forward to:
More funny nursery and baby things!
Our upcoming summer trips!
Craig turning in Dental applications!
Missionaries coming home!
Baby Showers!
More nights spent with my honey...;)
and much more :)
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