Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dancing Through Life

On Friday and Saturday, I had the opportunity to escort my Drill Team Captains to a camp that was put on for leaders. Although it seemed like it would be a long weekend, it went by all to fast. I was able to hang out with some awesome people and also able to DANCE!!
We (me and my other two coaches) decided to skip out on one of the coaching classes and take the Jazz class with the rest of the high school dancers there. We had so much fun!
I dance here and there for drill with my girls, but it has never been a full combo that I was learning. I mostly teach combos because...well...I am a coach...
For all of those dancer/used to be dancers- you know what I mean when I say this- When you haven't danced in a while, it is the BIGGEST break of fresh air. It can cure any stressor, solve any issue (at the moment), and can make you feel as if you are on cloud nine. 
I felt no pressure to perform perfectly because I was having so much fun. 
I am so grateful for a healthy pregnancy that still allows me to do what I love.
I am also grateful for a job that helps me to continue to follow my dreams as a dancer and as a person. 
The dancing only lasted an hour, but the soreness lasted the weekend :) 
But, guess what- it was all completely worth it!

I love to dance and I hope that I don't ever have to stop. 
I know that my love for it will continue for forever. 

I love to think about the fact that I was able to dance with her inside. It is almost as if I was showing her what I love so much.

Maybe if I am lucky, I will have a little girl who wants to follow in her mamma's footsteps and make dancing through life one of her own dreams.
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