Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Fisherman

  This past week, Craig and I headed up to Bluffdale for his cousins birthday get together. 
His aunt has a beautiful pond in the backyard and Craig did a little fishing! 
He was having so much fun and thought it was pretty funny when he caught the fish he was aiming for :) 
Silly guy :)
But- gosh I think he is pretty darn cute!!

I am so excited that he will be the father of our sweet baby girl. 
I am so confident that he won't ever give up on me or our family, no matter how much work it takes. 

He is the shining example of righteousness and patience. He doesn't ever need recognition and he loves always. 

I wish I had his same love for life. No matter the ups or downs. 
He never gives up and will always be by my side to help me to continue to grow. 

I love this fisherman of mine :)
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