Thursday, May 14, 2015


Back when I was in Florida for Drill Team Nationals- we had the opportunity to go to church in the greatest ward.
On the program for that week was this quote for fast and testimony meeting-
"A testimony motivates us to choose the right at all times and in all circumstances. It motivates us to draw nearer to God, allowing Him to draw nearer to us (see James 4:8). A personal testimony is a protective shield, and like an iron rod it is guiding us safely through darkness and confusion. Nephi's testimony gave him courage to stand up and be counted as one who obeys the Lord. He did not murmur, doubt, or fear no matter what the circumstances. When times got tough he said, "I will go and do [what] the Lord [has] commanded, for I know that the Lord...shall prepare a way...[to] accomplish [it]" (1 Nephi 3:7).
-- President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I was so struck with the spirit when I read this message.
It was perfect in every way.
It does not say that the Lord expects us to be continually perfect in life, each and every day, but it says even when time get tough (which I feel I can interperate in many different ways) that we can also continue to reach for our Heavenly Father's hand because His is always outreached to us. 
 A Testimony = MOTIVATION
I had never thought of a testimony in that same way. I thought of it as a protective barrier, but in all actuality, it isn't. We are still going to face temptation and trials, but it will be out MOTIVATOR to CHOOSE the right. 
I know that when I feel that I am not gripping the iron rod with both of my hands, I can lean on my own testimony to get me back to home base. My testimony can do the same things for me as Nephi's did for him. I can stand with courage and 'be counted as one who obeys the Lord." 
If that isn't one of the most beautiful lines, I don't know what it.
I want to be counted, at all times, as one who is on the Lord's side and is standing for what I know to be true. 
I know the Lord has prepared a way for me in this life. 
It may not be the exact plan that I had for myself, but I know it is the perfect one. 

I am so grateful for the gospel that feeds my soul each day. 
Happy Thursday to ALL!
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