Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dental School

Craig and I have looked at the date June 2, 2015 for years now. 
It was a date that was SO far in the future, and honestly, I felt like we would never get there...
BUT, alas we hit that exact date yesterday!
Ok, so no one may think this seems that important, but it is (just so ya know)!
My cute Craiger has been working his tooshie off for years his whole life to be able to apply to dental school, and (cross our fingers, toes, legs, and any other body part) get accepted. 
I have done my best to support him, but he has always been a superstar. 
Not only does he work while taking 18 credits, but he also does well in his classes. He never complains about getting home every night at 9:30 (sometimes to a happy wife with dinner on the table and other times, well, something different), nor does he complain about never having a Saturday off. I complain about it more than he does, I know it.
Last summer he spent hours and hours of each summer day studying for the DAT. 
This summer has already been full of his dedication to completing a perfect application. 
He has truly shown me what a dedicated and hardworking husband looks like. 
Craig's goal for his dental applications was to have everything completed the day that applications opened. He started as soon as the process opened (8:30 am) and he worked through the entire day until I got home from work at 6:45 pm to help him finish everything up. To say that we were exhausted by the time 11:00 pm rolled around would be an understatement.
He submitted his application the first day they could be accepted (which most applicants take a month or so to do)
I am beyond proud of my sweet man for working so hard to make his, and our families dreams come true. 
The future steps we take are: 
Filling out secondary applications
Trying to regain the $4000 we just lost...ha!
more waiting...
we will hopefully start getting phone calls for interviews
(this can go anywhere from the end of June to December)
Acceptance Letters
(again crossing all fingers)
choosing where we will live for the next 4 years of our lives :) 
We will not be moving until next summer- but I am not going to lie, we have already started thinking about making this last year count.
We feel so very blessed at this time and could not be more thankful. 
So Mr. Craiger, I love you for forever- no matter what our future holds <3

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  1. YES to making your last year count! make a bucket list and get it DONE! good luck to craig, what an exciting time for you two! sending good vibes your way :)

    1. Kayla- what your number ones for before we leave!? and THANK you thank you!!

  2. Oh this is so exciting! My husband has been studying for the DAT for a month now and he is taking it at the end of June. I totally GET YOU though! Dental school is NO JOKE! It's soooo much hard work. I didn't even think it's possible for one human to exert that much hard work. My husband also works and goes to school and gets decent grades and I don't ever hear him complain. It's quite amazing. We will be applying next year. My husband is wanting Louisville or Midwestern, but we will see where he ends up. Good luck to you guys!

    1. Oh yay! Ya the DAT is no fun, but once that is over it is just focusing on the grades again :) Husbands are pretty awesome :) Good luck to you guys! Let me know if he ever has any questions- because I am sure Craig has been there or done that :) We applied to both of those schools!! And thank you!! Good luck to you and your hubs too Mila!!

  3. This cracks me up because this is exactly what my life (and my husbands, of course) has been looking like. He was the same way about applications. Day one was the only option!

    This is such a crazy time! I am giddy for interviews and eventually acceptances soon (he got one interview already and it was the biggest relief haha).

    Good luck to you guys! He sounds like a smarty so I'm sure he will do great and get into his dream school! :)

    1. YAY! I love finding others that are on this same (crazy!) path we are on :)
      What schools did you guys apply to?! And that honestly is so so awesome that he already got an interview! Congrats!!
      Good luck to you guys also :)

    2. Crazy path is right! Holy cow! Isn't this waiting game the worst?! I'm so grateful he got that mid western interview early in the game because I'm going crazy waiting for the rest hahaha. August/September can't come soon enough.

      His number one school right now is university of Utah because it is cheap and we want to stay close to family. After that his favorite choices are the 3 ivy leagues (Harvard, Columbia, and U penn), UOP, and pretty much every other CA school. We are from CA so we chose to apply to west coast schools only except the 3 ivys.

      What about you guys?

    3. AH! I am so frustrated with Midwestern right now! They emailed my husband last week and told them they weren't able to access his DAT scores- so after many, many calls, we found out that it was Midwesterns fault, but the lady that could fix it was out of town till TODAY! We are bummed because we hear all these interview calls from Midwestern- but at least we know why we haven't gotten one yet!
      We applied everywhere I feel like! South Carolina, Nebraska, two AZ schools, the two UT schools (but I don't think we will go there), two CA schools, Vegas, Oregon...but his first choice would be Oregon :)


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