Friday, June 5, 2015

26 Weeks

Do you know what 26 weeks means?!
Less than 100 days till we get to meet our baby girl!
Less than 100 days till I get snuggles from my newborn!
Less than 100 days till I get to change dirty diapers, do double the laundry, get less sleep than ever before in my life, and less than 100 days before I become a mommy and I get to see my dear hubs turn into a daddy and see his little girl for the first time.
I can't even comprehend the joy that is about to fill our lives :)

baby young bump date!
how far along:
  26 weeks

baby is the size of a...
 Weight: 1.4-2.2 lbs.
Length: 13-15 in.
(crown to heel) 
girl, girl, girl!

maternity clothes?
Yes, but the good news is that I have 1 pair of jean shorts that I can still comfortably fit into that aren't maternity! 
Time to buy some more though...because it is getting warm and I would rather not be in pants all day!

Bathroom 1-2 times a night
Impossible to get out of bed sometimes because belly muscles are just not so much there anymore...
But, other than that--GOOD!!

Lots of squirming :) 
I love that she has a little schedule that I can follow. 
She will wake up with me in the morning and say hello, lets me know when it is lunch time by moving around, and then wakes up to let dad feel her kick a couple times before we go to bed :) 
Of course- she is active all day, but those seem to be the times that she is most active.

best moment of the week:
  On Monday night, for Family Home Evening, Craig and I drove up to Highland and went and got some Hawaiian Shaved Ice. I had never had anything other than a snowie- so this was a little different. We have been wanting to try them for a while and thought Monday night was a great excuse ;) 
To say that we thought they were fantastic would be an understatement!

Craig also applied for dental school this week and life became super real all of a sudden! - see last post for details on that :) 

Other than that-
My mom made my crib skirt and baby blanket. Honestly- words cannot describe how beautiful they are! I can't wait to do some more work on the nursery- but I am feeling a little stuck right now...

I have my first baby shower tomorrow and could not be more excited!

worst moment of the week: 
hmmm...I really can't seem to think of much! 
Summer is really treating me well :)

miss anything?
Belly Muscles...
food cravings:
Tootsie Rolls, Baby Bottle Pops, and anything that is sour and gummy.
I have also been able to eat quite a bit of chicken lately which is a blessing because throughout this whole pregnancy, that has really been something I couldn't even stand the thought of.

anything make you queasy?
Honestly, not really!
Which is a very good thing :)

am I showing:
OHH.Is this a question that I need on here anymore?? hah!

weight gain:
When I was at the doctor on the 27th, he told me that I had gained a total of 15 pounds. 
My heart kind of dropped. Obviously I realize that I need to put on 25-30 pounds for this pregnancy, but to actually hear that was hard for me. 
It is not like I hate my body, but I have always wished I was skinnier. 
I have not been super active through this pregnancy, but my doctor let me know that this is where I should be at. 
Good to hear that, but still hard to face the fact that this is only the half way more in weight gain. 
I know it will be completely worth it. 
I know she will be :) 
belly button:  
Can I just say...flat?
Ya, not really out yet, but I wouldn't call it in innie any longer!

happy or moody?
Happy :) Very Happy :)

looking forward to:
Making more headbands and bows for baby girl
More progress on the nursery
Craig's and my anniversary!! (2 years...crazy :))
Trip to Oregon next week- lots of cheers for that one!
Drill Team camp!
and...much much more :)
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