Friday, June 19, 2015

27 Weeks

 This is a week late...but oh well right? Vacations and camps got in the way of the bloggy...
So happy to say I am now 28 weeks and we are just on the countdown I feel like!

baby young bump date!
how far along:
  27 weeks

baby is the size of a...
Head of Cauliflower
 Weight:about 2 lbs.
Length:14.5 in.
(crown to heel) 
you better believe it is a sweet baby girl!

maternity clothes?
Yes and yes!
Along with many of my husbands clothes and t-shirts and baggy pants :)
I finally found some prego shorts that I love! I found them on Zulily and since they were only $14 I justified buying them. 
The shirt I am wearing in these pictures is a MAMA Maternity shirt from H&M by the way.

As long as I have my handy dandy Snoogle (or Baemax as Craiger and I call it!) then I am doing great :) 
My only complaint is that when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, sitting up and getting out of bed is very hard! My belly muscles are just all sorts of mixed up right now and the ones that are still working decide to take a break in the middle of the night...

I will never get sick of watching my baby girl move and wiggle around. One day while Craig was at his dental conference, I just sat in the hotel room and watched her wiggle most of the day! I can't handle it :) I already think that she is the most adorable thing ever <3
best moment of the week:
  Craig and I were able to take a trip to Oregon together for his Dental Conference and it was seriously so dang much fun. Ok...except the two 12 hour drives that we did weren't the greatest...but for the most part- we had a blast :) 
I will do some blog posts about our trip there, but that was definitely the hi-light of the week! 

worst moment of the week: 
I haven't said much about stretch marks because they honestly haven't been bad for me...but I am sad because they are starting to show up. 
My boobs have welcomed them full force. I have had two tiny ones since the beginning, but now they are pretty much all over I feel like. 
Still none on the tummy, but I have a feeling those will show up soon too. 
So here is to staying positive about this changing body of mine!!
Swollen you say? I have never had kankles...but they are now pretty much around all the time too!
I know I have always had a problem with staying super hydrated, but it has become much more apparent during pregnancy. Over the past week I went from Oregon and then to all day dance camps. I was on my feet for most of the dance camp and was SO swollen everyday...but I seriously hate drinking a ton when all of my bathroom options are public bathrooms that stink! So- I didn't drink as much as I should have, but I survived and have been trying to do better the past could of days. 

miss anything?
There are many things...but, honestly I am just so grateful for the opportunity that I have to able to soon become a mamma. I know that not everyone gets this chance- so I really should never complain. I am happy to miss the little things so that I can have a huge joy soon :)
food cravings:
Tootsie Rolls
Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks
Macaroni and Cheese
But, nothing crazy :)

anything make you queasy?
Mexican food stinks...but I wouldn't say queasy is the right word...

am I showing:
I will let you answer that...

weight gain:
You know it! 
I have my next appointment on the 24th, so I will find out then :/
belly button:  
Still is starting to poke I know.

happy or moody?

looking forward to:
Seeing Craig after this dental conference at UNLV
Being able to see my sweet brother-in-law get back from his mission on the 10th of July!!!!!
and of course...
Meeting out sweet babe 
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