Friday, June 26, 2015

29 Weeks

I feel like I deserve to be at 30 weeks by now, but, I still have 1 more week until I can check that week off :) 
I do love certain parts of being pregnant, but not all of it is peachy to me. I will be beyond happy when I actually get to hold this sweet baby girl in my arms. Gosh, I seriously can't wait for that moment!
baby young bump date!
how far along:
  29 weeks

baby is the size of a...
Butternut Squash
 Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Length: 15 in.
(crown to heel) 
All things pink, sweet, and girly :)

maternity clothes?
A little bit here and there.
I have decided that for the most part, I am just buying bigger sizes if I really feel like I am needing something. I don't feel as guilty that way knowing that I can still wear it after. 
This dress is a great example. I saw it on and decided this was a good one for summer. Dress is up, dress it down...ya know. Hopefully it works :)

No big complaints here!
Wishing my hubs wasn't so cuddly because he is quite the heater...but other than that- I am making it through the night :)

This has been a little bit different this week...:( The past few days she has really calmed down it seems. I just hope that she is getting a little more crammed and just can't move as much, but I am not sure at this point. When I do feel her moving now, it is lower than it has been for the last little while. I am trying not to freak myself out because I can still feel her moving here and there, just not as frequently. Any other first time moms have scares like these?

best moment of the week:
  Honestly, I just have to say that anytime I am with Craig, I am on cloud 9. 
After our trip to Oregon I was at a dance camp for three days and then saw him for a few hours before bed, and then he left for Vegas the next day for more dental conferences. I got to see him again on Saturday night for a few hours before bed. I missed him so much during that week. I felt like he and I have been hooked at the hip for the last few days and then were not able to see each other for-EVER! I would get giddy just thinking about him :) 
Life is so sweet when you have someone that loves you that much by your side. Marriage is one beautiful and amazing gift.

worst moment of the week: 
I had my last appointment on Wednesday. It was the "dreaded" glucose test appointment. The drink itself just tasted like a powerful Pixie Stick drink. It burned the throat a little bit, but honestly- not too shabby. After the appointment (everything looked good), we were on our way home and I started to feel kinda sick. Very, very tired- but also a little nauseous. I went home, ate some food, and laid down for a while. After an hour, I was feeling good enough to go to work. Weird morning.

The doctors office told me that I would get a call with my lab results that night or the next morning. The call didn't come till 5 the next night while I was in a work meeting. I called them back the next morning (this morning) and spoke with a nurse. 
She informed me that my iron levels looked great, but that they were a little concerned about my glucose levels because they were "slightly elevated." 

My heart dropped and I had tears in my eyes as she explained the next step. 

On Monday morning I will go in for a longer (3 hour) glucose test. 

To be completely honest, I am very scared. Not for the test, not to drink the drink again, but for my baby.

The unknown is so scary as a new mom I have decided. 
Thank heaven it is nothing bigger, but there is still so much worry in my mind. 

I hope that both the baby and I are healthy and that it was just a little fluke that my levels were higher. 

I am still nervous and scared, but I know that Heavenly Father is watching over me, my sweet unborn, and my loving husband. 
And that is all that may comfort me until I hear the final results.

miss anything?
Eating a big meal and not feeling like I may explode!
food cravings:
Corn on the Cob!
I am loving the summer season and all of the food that comes with it. 

anything make you queasy?

am I showing:
Yes and I love sporting this bump- especially in my moo moo!

weight gain:
Oh of course. 
I didn't ask the doctor on Wednesday, but I am guessing I am somewhere around 17-18? Maybe?
belly button:  
hmmm. Flat :)

happy or moody?
This time I am going to go with Moody!
I have just noticed that I am getting more and more anxious and that can lead me to being more moody that I feel I normally am. 
Poor Craig- hopefully he isn't noticing too much :/

looking forward to:
Seeing my sweet brother-in-law when he returns in less than 14 days from his mission in Ohio!!
Also, my birthday is coming up on Tuesday :)
June 30th is a pretty great day!
Happy 21 to me!...soon :)

 Keeping faith that all is well inside that belly and this momma.
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