Friday, August 28, 2015

Hawaii Day 6

The last day in Hawaii :(

We were all pretty sad, but I also think that we had had an amazing trip- so there was absolutely no complaining!

We started out the day with going to the temple.

I love how from the temple, it goes straight down to the beach. 
So beautiful!

We went and did sealings in the temple that day and we had some really cool experiences!
We met some amazing people and were told some really awesome stories. 
Loved our experience here and all the people that made it so special.

Near the back of the temple, there are these really cool trees!

Cooling off in the visitors center :)

Families are Forever

After the temple, we ate lunch and headed to the beach for one last day :(
Happy, but so sad that it was our last day!

 We attempted multiple times to make Kelcee into a Mermaid and this was as close as we got before the waves came up!
 This is where I spent my time- right in that blue chair with the waves coming over me :)
I didn't lie. 
Kelcee got TAKEN OUT by a wave while she was a Mermaid :) haha!!!

Snapped a couple pictures of us before we left the beach for good :(

And one more of our baby girl too :)

On our way back to the house, I made Craig promise that we would stop at one of the fruit stands on the side of the is all part of the experience right??

Well we were greeted by this funny old man who had a parrot!
We bought some delicious Mango Otai and took some pictures with this beautiful birdie.
One of my favorite vacations ever, spent with a pretty fan-freakin-tastic family :)
So glad that memories last forever :)
Here's to Hawaii!!
Till Next Time :)
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