Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hawaii Day 5

This was easily our favorite day!
We got up early (again!) and headed over to Hanauma Bay for some snorkeling!
The drive there was filled with tons of good tunes with the wind in our hair :)

...oh and more beautiful views :)
Ignore the hair...


although I didn't chance taking my nice camera and phone down to the beach with no supervision, I will say that we had a blast!
We snorkeled all over the bay and had tons of fun :)
The interesting parts were when it got really shallow and I had to manuver my big belly over the reefs without touchin anything! Gosh...lets just say that my belly scraped over some of those things.
But, the fish were really cool to see :)

My bearded man :)

After snorkeling, we drove to a cute beach town and had some of the best burgers and ice cream ever!

 Not to mention that they were HUGE!
 After the burgers, we walked around for a little to digest before getting a treat.
We were planning on getting snow cones, but ran into this little ice cream store on our way over there!
We were amazed by the smell coming from this place and had to check it out.
The man that owned the shop makes the homemade ice cream in the village next door and then sells it. 
It was some of the best ice cream I have ever had!! Gosh...and that means that it is really good for you too ;)

On our drive back, my little sister-in-law wanted to stop and see if we could find any turtles at this beach.

Well, she was in luck because there were so many!!
My trip was now complete :)



We then drove to another beach by our house so the boys could do some more Boogie Boarding and Body Surfing.
They were in the ocean for HOURS. 
I seriously wouldn't see my husband the entire time at the beach...think I got a little worried sometimes? 
Ya :)



Here are some pictures for proof :)

Peek a boo little toe!!

Relaxin' :)

 He was lovin life.

 Kelcee was so cute this whole trip :) 
The waves were a little too big for the girls taste (over 10 ft. tall)
so we really stayed close to the shore the whole time...and run away from the waves :)
Handsome, handsome boy!

 Crushed it Craiger
 End to an amazing day :)
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