Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hawaii Day 4

Sunday started out like any other day would have. 
We got ready for church and headed out the door.
I made Craig stop and take a picture with me when we got to church because this tree was so pretty!
We walked into the church, we were greeted by many friendly people.
We made our way over to an open bench and took a seat.
All of a sudden, we see a man walk in and start shaking some hands. He was white- so he stuck out pretty fast :) But he looked familiar!
In less than a couple of seconds, he started heading our direction and I immediately knew that it was Elder Anderson!
Yes...of the Quorum of the Twelve!
I was a little bit in shock because this was my first time seeing a general authority!
I was able to shake an Apostle of the Lord's hand! 
It was an experience that I won't ever forget :)
During the sacrament, I was able to reflect on the song we had just sung as a congregation.
I have sung this many times in the past, but for some reason, the words to this song really stuck out to me.
Every Sunday since then, I have been able to read these words over again and have a special memory of this unique Sunday.
If you have not read or sung the words to this song recently, I dare you to go do it!
I am positive that your testimony will grow a size or two :)

 The rest of the meeting was absolutly amazing and so many great things were said. 
It was the first week that the church had come out with the letter to speak about keeping the Sabbath Day holy more, and we got to hear about it all from Elder Anderson. 
He gave us guidance and advise and also told some special stories.
He spoke about Elder Packer and Perry and about their passing...but the Apostles don't call it that :)
They call it a graduation! 
He told us of their interaction with the Apostles before their times came to pass through the veil and it really was pretty special.
I felt very blessed and privileged to be able to be sitting in that sacred room at that time.

The rest of the day was spent with family and going to some different lookouts and temples.
Ya know, reverent type activities :)
 We went to the Pali Lookout and were able to look out over the beautiful island we were staying on.

 We found a little snail friend too

 On our way down from the lookout, we drove through this little "jungle." 
I wanted to stop so that I could swing on a vine...ya I know it might not have been super smart, but I was going to make sure all the boys tried it out before I did!
 They found a really good vine and got in a few swings!
 While I was taking pictures and waiting for my turn, my legs started itching like crazy...
I just thought it was because of the brush I just walked through, so I continued to ignore it.

Finally I had had enough and looked down at what the crap was going on!
I nearly had a panic attack because my legs were completely covered in mosquitos!!!!

I ran back to the car as fast as I could- but it wasn't fast enough. 
From being in the brush for less than 4 minutes, I had 38 bites
And I am not exaggerating.
I had 16 on just one calf!!!
 Sadly, I never got to swing on my vine :(
But the boys sure had fun and somehow did not get bit...
 This is the Buddhist temple at the Valley of the Temples!
 I thought this was the cutest bird ever :)
 Buddha and I...with our bellies :)

That night was spent at the beach house and on the beach.
Craig and the boys went crab hunting...again...while the ladies watched :)

I love this boy of mine and his curiosity that only (sometimes) gets him into trouble :)

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