Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oregon Day 1

Before I have this baby, I better get all our pictures from our vacations up on the blog!!
Craig and I had such a fun summer and I am beyond grateful for the time I have been able to spend with him before our sweet baby girl arrives. 

So here it is! 
Craig had a dental conference up in Oregon for two days over our 2 year anniversary- so we made a trip out of it!
We drove the 12 hours (yes, while I was pregnant- LONG DRIVE) and enjoyed having that time together to talk and laugh. When we got to Oregon, we were blown away by how beautiful it was! 
The landscape all around Oregon is seriously a dream. It is so so green once you start following the Columbia River. We forgot to take many pictures because we were too busy enjoying it :) 

There were many stops on the scenic route that had waterfalls galore!

Absolutely love this boy of mine!

This is what our drive looked like for a lot of it :)

Multnomah Falls was a must see for us on our way into Portland. 
I had been here once before when I was younger and it was still as gorgeous as ever!

This is the upper portion of the falls

  Getting this picture by another tourist was quite the feat :) ha!
  Next up:
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