Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oregon Day 2: Rose Gardens

On our second day in Oregon- we filled it with as much fun as we could :)
 It was the day before our anni, but Craig's conference started on our actual anniversary.
To be honest, we didn't really do anything crazy or expensive. We did not do gifts this year or go to a nice, fancy dinner, but we were able to spend the whole day together and that was all really either of us wanted. 
I am beyond happy to say that I am so content with my life right now. 
Craig's and my marriage will never be perfect, nor will either of us, but to know that we are happy together means the most in the world :)

So here is the first half of our fun day in Oregon!
We started the day off going to the beautiful International Rose Gardens located right in Portland.
So get ready for lots of roses, people :)

Part of the fun as we walked around was finding which rose we would be :)
Craig and I both wanted to change ours every five seconds, but it was really fun to come up with why we would be that rose. HA!
In the end, the peachy rose above was the one I chose. 
So, we are going to call this the Celeste Rose, mmmk?


Roses, everywhere!

These rose archways were GORGEOUS!

I wanted to do a jumping picture---but I am pregnant---and that gets a little challenging...
So this is what ended up happening :)

We loved seeing the fresh raindrops on all of the roses. 
This one was captured by Craiger himself :)
So this little rose is pretty funny- because of the name below :)
My dad's name is Rex and whenever we are giving him a hard time, we call him Sexy Rexy :)
Who know that there was a rose named after him!!!

So, I am sure you were all wondering which rose Craig chose as his rose, am I right?
Well, behold this painted beauty! ha!
Craig loved this one :)

I thought these ones were too cool.
They kind of look like bundles of grapes...:)
This was a beautiful amphitheater right outside the garden- wish we could have watched someone perform or something! I am sure it is pretty cool :)
This was the one flower that we saw on the ground. I had to get a picture with it!
The fine for taking a rose or cutting a rose is CRAZY! 
Craig was so worried while he took it! ha!
He is not a rule breaker, and I am not either, but he seriously thought someone would catch us and think that we were the ones that cut it off!

  That was the end of our rose garden journey :)

Now onto part two!!
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