Friday, September 11, 2015

39 Weeks

That is correct. 
I have almost made it guys. 
I am beyond giddy to meet this sweet girl.
Craig's and my text lately consist of questions like,
"She likes my belly too much."
"I want the pain to start!!"
"Can today please be the day?!"
You get it?...ya we are ANXIOUS.
The last 10 weeks of pregnancy are the slowest weeks ever, I swear.
So this might just be the last little
BUMPDATE post that happens...or so I hope :)
 baby young bump date!
how far along:
39 weeks

baby is the size of a...
a Mini Watermelon!
Weight: over 7 lbs.
Length: about 20 inches
(crown to heel) 

At my appointment last Tuesday he said that I was looking perfect still!
Her head is measuring a little bit small, but he said he wasn't worried and that it would just be easier on me for fingers crossed!
She is measuring about a week behind and my belly actually shrunk a little this last week.
He said he still wasn't worried because she is looking to be about 6 lbs. 11 oz. so we are looking at having a healthy 7 lb. baby at birth he thinks!
My fluid is looking great, so they don't feel any need to go early.
But goodness I was wishing that wasn't true...haha I want to meet this little lady!
All Girl :)

maternity clothes?
My cute sister actually gave me four of her maternity dresses so I have felt like I have had a whole new wardrobe lately!! Those dresses are life savers.
People keep saying, "Get your sleep now!" Well, guess what. I seriously don't feel like I sleep at at all between Craig sleep walking a lot lately, having to pee every hour, and just not being able to get comfy. My body is a little done being pregnant. My back, butt, and hips constantly ache.
No fun.
So come one out Paiz

 You bet ya :)
She is still a funny little kicker on my right side :)
I just think it is funny when I look down and my belly is completely lopsided! Goodness...
best moment of the week:
No work? ha!
Ya...I have been able to just focus on baby and LOTS and LOTS of homework. 
18 credits and school three days a week is a load.
But I am determined to do it.

worst moment of the week: 
Pain? Ha...ya. 
Like I said...
My body is done.

miss anything?
Sleeping on my belly.
Somethings I won't mention ;)

food cravings:
Nothing really!
Just sweets.

anything make you queasy?
The smell of sauteed onions is killin me again.
Welcome back first trimester... 
am I showing:
too much if you ask me...

weight gain:
I have only gained a total of 24 lbs this whole pregnancy which I feel is a huge blessing. 
Now I just hope I loose it quick!

belly button:  
Out :)
Craig loves to poke at it...

happy or moody?

looking forward to:
Holding my little girl for the first time.
Looking forward to going into labor...surprisingly.
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