Saturday, October 24, 2015

Family of Three

As I was getting ready on Sunday morning, I heard Craig from Paisley's room just cooing over her.
I mean really?
I can't stop my heart from just bursting every 4 seconds with those two!
I don't think Craig had any idea how much he would love his little lady...or how much he could love both of his little ladies!
He saw her little dress and was so excited to get her into it...and then...after she was in it...he wanted to show her off to everyone!
The first thing he said to his mom when we walked into church was, "Look how cute her dress is!"
He makes me laugh :)
Now here are some pictures from our first little Sunday!
(back when she was 6 days old!)

Milky Tongue!

We absolutely love this little family of ours.
Goodness :) 
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