Friday, October 23, 2015

Her Daddy

As I have had the opportunity to watch Craig become a dad, my heart has become so full. I find myself wanting to take more pictures of him and her together than anything else. I thought this would be a special experience, but it has surpassed what I thought it could possibly be. Watching Craig become a dad has been one of the most beautiful experiences that I think I will ever be a part of. Each time he looks at her, he says (out loud) how beautiful she is, how much he loves her, etc. Like really? She is such a lucky girl to have Craig as her daddy. Each time I am holding her, he has this little jealous look on his face J I can tell when he really wants to be with his little girl and I hope that he always gets that look on his face. He loves to lay down with her on his belly. He calls it “Daddy’s and Paiz’s cuddle position.” Come on. It couldn’t get any cuter. The love that he has for her is beyond what I could have imagined. Another thing that I can’t forget to mention is mine and Craig’s relationship. I didn’t think it was possible to love him anymore, but these last five weeks has proved me very wrong. My love for him has grown 100x. We both know it. And I think our little girl knows it too :)

We are beyond blessed with this perfect little girl.

I promise to never ever get sick of seeing them cuddle.
I promise to continue to love Craig more and more each day.
I promise to always cherish the alone time that we have with our little girl.
I promise to never forget how it felt to watch Craig become a dad.
I promise to continue taking 100 million pictures of the two loves of my life.
I promise to always give daddy and Paiz their cuddle time J
I promise to always love Craig- for eternity.
I promise to love my baby girl with all my heart- no matter what.
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