Saturday, October 17, 2015

Paisley Young: A Birth Story (Part 2)

We were so overjoyed at this point!!

At 6:15, my nurse came in and said it was time to start pushing! Third surreal moment!! Pushing? Me? Like in the movies? Like on all of those blog posts that I have read from other people? ME!? I was so very excited. Craig came to the head of my bed and held my hand while we waited. My nurse explained to me how I would be pushing and then we started! Every contraction, I pushed for 10 seconds, 3 times each. I could feel each of my contractions as they started and ended. I knew exactly when to push and my nurse counted with me. Craig had not planned on watching the birth, ya know, because that stuff is gross and all. ha! But, my nurse, as she counted, motioned for Craig to come over to the foot of the bed and look. He, of course, wanted to see what was going on. He got so excited and she pointed to the baby’s head slowly coming down. My dad even had to take a peak because of how excited everyone was getting! My nurse explained to us that every contraction and push helps the baby come further down the birth canal and then she slowly goes back up a little bit when I am not having a contraction. Craig loved seeing her little head coming down and then back up. The best part was that I could start to feel a little bit about what they were seeing and talking about! They told me that she was moving her little head around as I was having a contraction…and I COULD FEEL IT! Still, absolutely no pain, but I could feel little movements from her! It was magical, honestly. I had felt her kicking and moving around for these past many months, and now I was feeling her head as she was coming out!

My doctor poked his head in the door and was going to let my nurse know that he was going to head home till later when I was closer to delivering. My nurse laughed and said, “Dr. Smith, come take a look at this and then you can decide what you are doing.” He came and took a look as I started to have another contraction and just laughed and said, “What the! We are going to deliver this baby right now!!” He was shocked at how fast my body had progressed on its own. I had barely needed any Pitocin, at all, and was really doing this on my own—with the help of that lovely epidural.
He got changed into his clothes and sat down at the foot of my bed. I had maybe 6 contractions TOTAL while pushing before this baby decided to make her debut. He told me when to stop and start pushing and then I could see a little head. He informed me that there was no cord around the neck and that she was looking just perfect! The rest of her little body came out and she was set of my belly to get wiped off. They then put her in my arms. She was not crying, but breathing just perfectly in her mother’s arms for the first time. I start to cry just thinking about this amazing moment. It was full of so much JOY, but at the same time, fear of what kind of mom I would be. I barely knew what to do at all, but I knew and had so much faith that my maternal instinct would kick in and I would know exactly what my little girl would need.

Our doctor thought this was just about the cutest thing ever. The cord was wrapped around her ankle like a little anklet :)

Paisley Young was born at 6:35 PM on September 14, 2015. She weighed 8 lbs. exactly and is 20 inches long. We were all shocked when we found out that she weighed 8 POUNDS! We still have no idea how she had been fitting inside of my belly. But, I was pretty happy to find out that she was 8 lbs. I mean after all I only gained 24 lbs. total, so if she was 8 of that, then that is great news!
After they took her from me, they were able to measure and weigh her, take her temperature, give her shots, and put the goopy stuff in her eyes. She was so MAD! All I could hear was her screaming. When everyone left her alone, she was completely content! It was pretty funny :) During all of that fun still to my left, my doctor and Craig filled me in on what happened to my downstairs.. :/
When she was coming out, she was in a little rush to get out. The doctor had her head out and was working on her broad shoulders when she flipped and forced her way out. Instead of coming out horizontal, her shoulders came out nice and vertical. I have about a 2 inch bi-lateral tear. Craig said there wasn’t much blood until I tore, but then there was a different story. But, my cute little girl already had been wearing jewelry in the womb! HA! She had the umbilical cord wrapped around her little ankle! My doctor and those around thought it was just the cutest thing ever and they all made sure to get a picture of it :) He continued to deliver the placenta and all the other good stuff. Craig was able to cut the cord and he was so excited about it. He had been looking forward to this part. Cutie :)

She came out holding up her head AND trying to eat :)

My sweet little Paisley was placed back in my arms. We were able to share a special moment together. Craig reached down and touched her soft skin. He then shared a kiss with me- one that I won’t forget. I was then able to pass her to Craig and watch him hold his little girl for the first time. Let me tell you, I will never get sick of that. I love seeing him hold our little girl more than anything. Each moment we shared in that room was so special.

We were so lucky our entire hospital stay. We were able to savor those moments in the middle of the night with our baby girl. I was able to watch Craig fall more and more in love with his daughter each time he held her. We were able to learn how to breastfeed, together. I really don’t think I could have done that without him by my side. We were able to watch Paisley day and night and used those time to turn out thoughts and thanks to our loving Heavenly Father. Again, we feel so very, very blessed.
Craig and I will never forget when we finally became a family of three. The wait seemed long, but oh so worth all of it. No wonder people say how amazing having children is. Because, it seriously is the biggest dream come true. Heavenly Father’s love is real! He is a loving God.

Welcome Paisley!
We will love you forever :)
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  1. This popped up just as I finished reading part one, glad I didn't have to wait :) congratulations!

    1. You are too cute Kristin! :) thank you so much!!


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