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Paisley Young: A Birth Story (Part 1)

My due date was on September 10th. This special day came and went. Of course, we were sad, but we knew that if I didn’t have this baby by then, then my doctor would induce me on the 17th. I hoped and prayed that I would go on my own so that I didn’t have to wait that long to meet a sweet baby girl!
Well! On the morning of the 14th, I woke up at 5:00 AM with contractions. I had been having contractions off and on since the 9th when my doctor stripped my membranes, but they hadn’t been constant, timing wise, and not nearly as painful as I thought they should be. So, I got out of bed at 6:00 AM after timing them for an hour. They were about 5-7 minutes apart and definitely more painful than they had been. I continued to time them as I watched an episode of Gossip Girl. They continued to be 5-8 minutes apart. I wasn’t getting my hopes up because I just didn’t think I could handle any disappointment when I didn’t get to meet my baby girl that day. After all, I had had my car packed with my hospital bags and her car seat since the 9th. I had a non-stress test on Saturday the 12th, and that had gotten my hopes up too. So I wasn’t going to deal with that sad feeling again L
I started cleaning up the house and getting ready at 8:00 AM and then called the doctor to see if I was still good for my appointment today. The nurse confirmed that my doctor was in surgery and she hadn’t heard back from him as to what time yet. So I finished getting ready and then headed over to my parent’s house in Sandy, which is closer to my doctor’s office. I got to talk with them for a little bit before I got another call from the nurse and she said that he would be good to see me around 10:45 AM. So off I headed over to the hospital- in low hopes that I would have the chance to stay that whole day!

I changed at the doctor’s office and had to do another non-stress test. I was able to sit for 15-20 minutes just listening to my baby’s heartbeat. I consider this such a special blessing. I felt a small connection with her as I listened to her and her movements my belly. I started to notice differences in her heartbeat when I would have a contraction. I didn’t get worried because it still sounded pretty normal- and the nurse continued to come in and tell me how great it was looking J

My doctor jumped on over to his office to check me in between his surgeries and I told him how badly I wanted to meet this baby! I told him that I only wanted good news J He told me my non-stress test looked absolutely perfect and then got ready to check my cervix. I laid back and felt my heart start to rush. I watched his face very closely as he was checking me, waiting for a smile or something. Nothing came other than a worried type of confused look…So of course I got scared. So, I asked- “OK! How are we looking?!” He looked at me and said, “You are at least a 3.5- so I guess we BETTER SEND YOU DOWN STAIRS!!” (That is where Labor and Delivery is!) All I could do was cry. I kept asking him if he was joking or not and if he was really serious. I put my hands over my face and just cried, feeling so, so very grateful. He reached down and just hugged me. I was feeling so much joy and excitement, I didn’t know what to do with all of it! He sent me out with some forms and I walked out in the hall, all smiles. I hurried and got Craig on the phone. He was at work and had really been hoping that he would be getting a call after my appointment with good news, but of course he didn’t get his hopes up either!

On the phone with Craig, he asked how my appointment went. I told him that it went really good- but still staying very mellow. Then he said, “Well, what did he say?” So I told him, “Are you ready to meet your little girl?” He was like, “Are you SERIOUS!?” And then the water works came right back J I continued to cry because I don’t think I had ever seen Craig so very excited. He was just couldn’t stop saying how excited he was and how happy he was. I didn’t think I could love him so much- not even at that moment. It was pure joy- and that was something that I would get to experience for the rest of my life.
I headed downstairs and checked in. They hurried and got me a room and I got changed. First surreal moment of the day- being in a hospital bed and just knowing what would be happening in the next 24 hours. Craig had hurried home to pack and was rushing over to the hospital. My nurse came in and started getting somethings done and information entered. She did my IV and got me going on the drip. The IV wasn’t too bad, but I do forget that burn sensation that follows. Not my favorite, but it wasn’t all that bad J

My doctor came in my room and broke my water. Weird, but great feeling. It is almost as if there was a relief of the pressure, but all that warm liquid flowing out was a little strange! Definitely thought I had peed my pants! And it wasn’t just a one-time event! Anytime you move around or the baby moves, some more warm liquid flows out! Interesting feeling! After he broke my water, he checked my cervix again and was shocked to see that I had already progressed from a 3.5 to a 4 within 30 minutes. I started to have pretty strong contractions after I had my water broken, but they were still bearable if I clenched my teeth and grabbed my blankets. Ha.

After my doctor broke my water, Craig walked into the room at about 12:30 PM. We were both so happy to see each other and just so excited for the afternoon and night to come. After he sat down, my anesthesiologist walked in the door. I am not going to lie, I wasn’t too excited for this, but knew that if I was able to look at Craig, I would be just fine.

He asked me to turn onto my side and scoot towards him and the edge of my bed. Now, the hardest part- He asked me to curl up into a ball. Ok dude, do you see this belly here? Ya…there is a baby in there and that is nearly impossible!! This was honestly the hardest part of the day. After he did the stinging needle part, I started to feel some numbness. From then on, I just felt a ton of pressure on my back. This didn’t hurt at all, but just was lots of pressure. Craig wishes that he had been able to watch, but it was really nice being able to look at him through it all- just for comfort. After being a little bit scared for that, I was so glad that that would be the worst thing that day J

After getting my epidural, my mom walked in the room! She was all smiles and was just so, so excited to be there with us J My cute nurse Heidi, my sweet husband, awesome mom, and I just chatted the afternoon away. My nurse kept saying how all the nurses were fighting over having me as their patient. I got a good laugh when she told me this J She just was saying how they were all arguing over who got me because I was so awesome and easy. Haha! Funny stuff. By 2:00 PM, my nurse checked me and said I was an easy 6 at this point! I was very happy to hear that. She said that I was having too many contractions because of the Pitocin, so she lowered the dose I was getting. My body was doing all the work on its own she said. She was very pleased J

We continued visiting and eating slushies and ice chips until 4:00 PM when my dad showed up J He had taken this whole week off work to spend time with family and get some stuff down. It was so much fun to have him there for the whole event. Craig and I hadn’t originally talked about that, but I think we were both very happy that he could be there to meet our baby girl. My dad and I are very, very close and it made it special that he could be there as I had my first baby. I am the youngest in our family, so I am sure it was crazy for him to have his youngest having her own baby J

A little after my dad arrived, my doctor came in to check my cervix again. By this time I was a 7 and he was getting very hopeful that he wouldn’t need to be there till 12:00 AM. HA. When my nurse heard the number 7, she sent in another nurse to get it all set up for the delivery of the baby. Second surreal moment of the day! Can you just imagine when people start coming in and turning on the warming lamps, dressing the tables for delivery, and seeing these little tools. CRAZY.

By 5:00 PM I had started feeling a little bit of pain in my right hip and leg. Up until then, I hadn’t been able to feel much at all. But, when I started feeling a little bit in my belly, I didn’t really complain. I liked feeling when I was having a contraction and just not feeling how very strong it was. Once it got into my hip and let though, it got really uncomfortable. So, I pushed my little button on my epidural device and got a little dose of epi again. After I pushed that, I felt 100% amazing again! We were getting closer and closer and that is just freaking amazing J

As I knew we were getting closer, I asked my parents if I could talk with Craig for a little bit. They went out in the hall and Craig came up to my bed. I was able to share such a special moment with him in that hospital room. We talked about welcoming our little girl into the world and all of these special moments that were coming up so fast now. We shared many hugs, kisses, and tears on my part. This is a special moment that I don’t want to ever forget, but the feelings that I had will last forever.

When my parents came back in, I asked my dad and Craig if they would give me a blessing before the pushing started. My sweet husband offered the most amazing blessing ever. I feel as if the words coming out of his mouth was the exact comfort that I needed. He only could have known some of those fears and worries if it had come straight from our Father in Heaven. Another amazing moment in that room. More tears were shed, but the moment that blessing ended, the excitement filed my soul again. Knowing that I would be meeting my sweet baby girl in a little bit was the best feeling ever. These feelings are something that will not ever and cannot ever be taken from me. These moments could not have been photographed and felt the same way. At these moments, I felt so very blessed and happy. I knew that Heavenly Father had saved these moments for me and my sweet family to experience. Why does He love his children so much? I soon would understand this more. My Savior was willing to experience all of my pains, but he also knows the joy that I felt at those moments. I could not be more grateful for these sweet and tender mercies.

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  1. That's funny, Tristan was bummed that he couldn't watch the epidural either :) so sweet, my dad was there too and I thought it was perfect. Can't wait for the rest of the story!


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