Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lone Peak Chevaliers 2014-2015

Before I forget about this little draft sitting in here, I better get it some what published!!

Here are some pictures from my first year of coaching at Lone Peak High School.
I was able to learn so much (and continue to!) and grow as a person, coach, and friend.
I will forever be grateful for these opportunities that I had!

So here is a tiny little photo dump <3
We had a fun competition season at three different invitationals, a region competition, and then the state competition.
Early Mornings, LATE Nights, and all together long days :)
But, it is all worth it!
  Military Routine
Character Routine

This was on our flight to Florida with the team :)
It was a very early morning, I was 12 weeks pregnant, and all together needing a break!
After our LONG day of competition.
When I say long- I mean we had to be at the ESPN Center at 6 AM and we didn't get home till after 2 AM the next day...boy oh boy.
Disney World for the win...despite standing in lines all day, sweating buckets, and never being able to actually ride a freakin ride...ha it was still fun :)
My beautiful dancers in Lyrical
While in Florida, some of us went and visited the Orlando temple after a great sacrament meeting.
I was so proud of all of these girls that got out of bed, despite how tired they were from the competition day before.
What amazing examples!!


One of the only rides I was able to ride...yay kid rides!!
Our first day there we went to the beach...despite the rain and wind and freezing temps...we had fun :)
Of course, I still was thinking about my sweet and supportive husband back home <3
The competition floor on the day of comp
Smoothies for the win.
My sweet girls!
 Coaches and our awesome President, Maddie.
 Year End Banquet!
(Can't believe I was almost 20 weeks in this picture!)

And because I can- I have to share this text.

I had been away from Craig for five days when he sent me this text.
Craig is not very expressive with words, but more with actions. 
He is not a long texter and really doesn't EVER send things like this.
When I woke up to this text in the middle of the night, I of course just started crying.
He is the worlds greatest hubs and NOW daddy :)

So there is a little snippet of last year!
Hope you enjoyed :)
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