Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

During Fall Break, Craig and I took full advantage of all fall activities. 
I have NEVER carved a pumpkin before, so Craig knew that this was a must for me :) 
He made sure that, no matter what, we made time that day for carving pumpkins.

After getting home from our canyon drive and some late lunch, we were pooped and little Paiz was a little hungry :) 
So! I fed her and then we took a nap.
After our nap, we went to Walmart to get our little pumpkin family. 
When we got home, I wasn't totally in the mood for getting messy or staying up late to do this, but Craig wasn't going to fail we carved them :) 
Even if it was 12 am!
 Craig was so cute and helped me look for things I wanted to put on my pumpykin.
He was so excited to watch me scape out the guts and get all gross.
 One thing that I didn't know was how BAD I hate the smell of pumpkin!! 
I am not a pumpkin pie fan and only stick to pumpkin bread and cookies. 
But, honestly, the smell is awful!!
Craig actually likes the smell...BLAH
 I begged Craig to do the guts part for me, but he refused and sat ready with a camera to take pictures of this gross process. HA!
I look back now and am glad that he made me do it.
I was able to get over a few fears :) haha
 But, I was def wearing gloves...and that is a MUST!!
 I wasn't able to get any pictures of Craig carving his pumpkin because I had to put Paiz to bed, but I did get the result!
Isn't ANGER so cute?! hah
 ...and here is mine! was not supposed to look sad...but that is how he ended up..ha!
 This is my SEXY husband...dude. 
I lucked out!!

 One proud pumpkin carver :)

Our little pumpkin family outside on our porch!
love my man...and this season...but I love my hubs a little bit more ;)
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