Monday, December 21, 2015

3 Months

Can't believe it is already been THREE MONTHS since we met our little girl.
But, at the same time, I feel like I have known her for much, much longer <3

Here is a little Month Update for the books!

Weight:  About 13 lbs.

  Not sure :/

Diaper Size: We just barely moved to 2’s on Thursday!

Clothes Size:  

We have started to lose some leg room in our footie jammies, so we have been wearing 3-6 months in those! In clothes, we are wearing both. I really want to start putting her cute 3-6 months on her, but her 0-3’s still fit O.K.


Little Miss Paiz, Turkey, Goosie Goose, Little Bubbas, man…the list could keep going forever!

She is absolutely fantastic! We have been using Eucerin Cream on her face and shoulders every day and her skin is so soft now! YAY!


Ok, so I spoke too soon in her 2 month update….She did great for a couple of weeks…and then Thanksgiving happened…and she decided to not be a good sleeper anymore! Bummer! She decided that she likes to eat at least once in the middle of the night…mom isn’t a huge fan, but honestly it could be worse…so ya. We decided it was too hard to put her down at night and decided it was time to try and let her fall asleep on her own. The first night I sat outside her room and just bawled. I hate hearing my baby girl cry when I know there is something I can do about it. That was a hard night, but once she fell asleep, she stayed asleep till she wanted to eat and then went right back to bed again! Ever since that night, she has really been doing awesome! She will maybe cry for 3-5 minutes and then gives into just either laying there for a while or falling asleep.


Breastfeeding like a champ!

-          Paiz still loves to lay on her back and talk multiple times a day. It is probably my second favorite time of the day (when she wakes up in the morning, that is the best!) because she is so alert and funny :)
-          She loves sitting in her Mamaroo and watching the Office! She is so funny
-          She has started to anticipate stuff and it is so funny :) She loves when I kiss her on the belly as I rub my face on her…she just gets the biggest grin ever!
-          Our little gal has always been a big binky fan, but now she is all HANDS! If there is not a binky in her mouth, she has two hands in there. She gags herself multiple times a day, but I am sure she will learn soon! HA!
-          We wanted to get her a Bumbo seat for Christmas, but couldn’t wait! So we got one and it is our best friend these days! She loves to sit in it and watch mom cook, get ready, and wrap presents :)
-          We have a little girl who loves her bathes! When we are done washing her body, I let her kind of float in the water and she loves it! She just kicks and kicks and makes me excited to see her swim one day!
-          I have started to try and work out more… I was good for a week and then sucked the next…so we are trying to better, but any ways. I was jumping up and down (like jump roping) and she thought it was just about the funniest thing ever! So cute little miss.

-          I honestly can’t think of much right now…She is particular about the way you hold her…that is why a lot of strangers have a hard time with that…but if you know what she likes, you are pretty good to go!

-          ­She has been doing a lot better at church! She is a happy camper most of the time now and loves to smile at all the new faces.
-          Almost laughing?? HA! She has laughed in her sleep about 2 times so we are just waiting for it when she is actually awake!

Things I don't want to forget:
-          We moved our mattress out into our living room (Christmas tradition) and she joined us this morning for some snuggles and smiles. I had my two loves in bed and it was just the best ever.
-          I don’t think I have ever really mentioned this, but when I am holding her and she gets tired, she loves to nuzzle you…but she really only does it on me or her Grandma Young. It is so cute. She finds the little space between your neck and just sits and moves her head back and forth and back and forth :) That will be something I miss when it stops.

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