Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cake #2

Ok, Cake #2.

So this one was not my favorite...but the idea was great and the cake def has potential. 

(Forgive the pictures because they really are seriously awful. I was in a rush and took pictures right before we cut into it...bad :/ sorry!)

So this was a two layer, 6'' chocolate cake. 
I had heard this was a great chocolate cake recipe- but I have definitely had better, so I will be using my own next time. I made a raspberry filling to put in the middle which was certainly the best part of the whole cake! 
The frosting was a chocolate buttercream- do I hate chocolate buttercream or did I just hate this one...that is the question. 
On the top was crushed chocolate and toffee with fresh raspberries on the edges. 

Next cake...bring it on :)
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  1. um THAT FROSTING IS BEAUTIFUL. you are so talented & i love that you're really going after a new hobby!

    1. HA! Hey thanks gal :) I feel like I am on this long journey...to maybe something that will not develop into anything, but you know what!? It doesn't matter because seriously it is so fun!! Thanks!


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