Monday, January 11, 2016


Craig and I have finally decided where we will be spending the next 4 years of our life!

Drumroll please :)


We will be moving to Glendale, AZ at the end of July to start this journey of Dental School!

We are very excited and ready for this next chapter to start in our lives :)

This was not an easy decision because both KY and AZ were feeling like good places. Each day was something different and there were many positives to both schools. 

In the end, I knew that Craig liked Midwestern in AZ more and I felt like that is where he needed to go.
We spent an evening at the temple to help us come to a decision.
Craig asked me as we drove away from the temple what I was thinking.
I let him know that as I was thinking about it, I was feeling that Heavenly Father was letting me know that no matter where we went, it would be a good choice. I never once felt like KY or AZ was a bad place, nor did I even get a bad feeling. But then when I would think about AZ, I would have a really good feeling. Like a feeling of that is the place that we need to go.
 Craig then said that he had had those exact same feelings.
This was all a little funny because I had been wanting to go to KY most of the time that we had been trying to decide, but the Lord had other plans. 
I am so grateful for the Lord's hand in our lives- each and every day and in every little and BIG decision that we make. 
In the next couple of days, Craig went online and hit the accept button to Midwester University for Dental School- class of 2020. 

We are so blessed and excited.

Here we go!!!
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