Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Eight Important Questions

I found this list of questions in a pile of stuff in my kitchen. I am pretty sure this was a list that I made soon before I got married, I thought this went well with the new year as we are all striving to be better and represent Christ more. So here are the 8 questions that I want to ask myself each day and hopefully, I can have good answers to them all :)
1. Am I studying the scriptures regularly?
2. Am I praying daily?
3. Am I magnifying my church calling?
4. Am I regularly attending sacrament and other meetings?
5. Am I paying a full tithe?
6. Am I bearing my testimony? When was the last time?
7. Am I striving to keep the commandments?
**Where do I need to improve my behavior?
8. Am I keeping the Sabbath Day holy?

Hopefully this list helps you as it has me :)
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