Saturday, February 6, 2016


Craig and I were watching The Office one night and the name Sue Grafton was said and Craig was shocked that I didn't know who that was.
So after he explained it, he looked up her Alphabet series of books that is apparently famous...I didn't know :/ ha!
So he starts reading me the titles of these books. The first one he reads is, A is for Alibi (A-lee-bee). B is for Burglary, and so on. 
I didn't quite understand what is said A is for...sounded like Aleve, like the medicine. 
I just let it go by just thinking I misunderstood what he said.
A minute later, he says, "Oh wait...ALIBI (Al-i-by)!" 
I was dying with laughter to say the least!
We sat there and looked at each other and just laughed :)
He was like, "Ya...ya Prince Alibi!"
One of those things you want to remember :)
Love this funny boy of mine :)
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