Friday, February 5, 2016

4 Months

Ok, ya...Paisley is 9 days away from being 4 months and I am just BARELY posting her four month update...I need to get my life together!! ha!
These pictures were taken back when she turned 4 months old on Sunday after church. 

We love this little lady so stinkin much! 
Happy 4 Months baby P!

Weight:  14.4 lbs. – Dude! This girl is getting huge!

Length:  25 inches

Diaper Size: 2

Clothes Size:
We are definitely in 3-6 month clothes and our footie jammies are starting to get a little tight! I am already shopping for 6-9 month size clothing…She is growing too fast. 

Goosie Goose, Baby Paiz, Baby Boo, Paisley Poo.

She is one healthy baby! She is growing great and there are not many worries. At her 4-month appointment, our doctor let us know that she needs to be laying on her left side more. Her head is starting to be a little flat on the right side. If we don’t get that fixed, we might have to get her a helmet. I really, REALLY want to avoid that…so we are trying hard to get her to lay on the other side. Wish us luck.  

We tried out a little bit of the “cry it out” method. Mom was not a fan, but I had to let her learn how to put herself to sleep. Craig did not have any problems, but I of course had nights when I wanted to cry with her…and then go and snuggle her L Gosh that is so hard! So after one night of crying for an hour and a half at 2 am, she learned that she didn’t get to eat at that time anymore. She will still sometimes cry at 2/3, but we will give her her binky and she is good to go. Then around 6-8 am, she wakes up to eat. I feed her and then she goes back down till around 9.

Breastfeeding is going great still. We had a period of time after I went back to school for the Spring semester that she decided she no longer wanted to take bottles. For a couple of days she just refused. It was horrible being at school and knowing that I was the only one that could make the crying stop, etc. I felt horrible. She learned after about 2 weeks that that was the only option. It was a blessing when she figured it out! Thank heaven.

We are now also feeding her solids! She is a lover of all the fruits (just like her mamma) and we are working with her on the veggies still J

-          She loves eating her hands, binky, toys, blankets, burp clothes, mom’s cheeks, …. Well, everything. She loves putting everything in her mouth!
-          She has started liking laying on her belly a little bit more. She is strong enough to sit up for a while instead of just straight up burying her face in the floor J ha!
-          Paisley loves being around other people. I hope she stays that way! I want her to be outgoing and know how to get to know people. Obviously we are not there yet, but hey, one day!
-          She loves when her daddy gets home from work at night! One night when I was putting her down and feeding her, he walked in and just looked at him and yelled! Like, “Where have you been all day?!” It was hilarious.
-          She LOVES applesauce J
-          She loves when I bite her belly. She gets a little giggle out…something that we are still working on. She is way better at growling than she is at laughing…ha
-          P loves to wake up in the morning. She is so stinkin happy and I LOVE IT!

-          She does love tons of hugs from her cousins. She can handle a few, but Bailey sometimes get a little heavy on the hugs J
-          Paisley does not like being left alone in a room. Not a fan. 

-          ­She laughed for the first time, but has only laughed like twice since! GRRR…how do you get your baby to laugh?! She thinks I am hilarious and smiles and screams and growls…but she can’t seem to get that little chuckle back…we will work on it!
-          Started solids! She HATED rice cereal…Well she still does. We just have to mix it up with fruits or veggies and then she is happy with life again J

Things I don't want to forget:
-          The first time she laughed. I ran into her room while Craig was changing her diaper and we were both just so happy J We had been waiting for that time…it was even better than we could have expected.
-          She rolled over on 1/25/2016! I was the only one home with her and was so happy that she didn’t roll over when I was gone at school! Thank you P!
-          When she is breastfeeding, her hands just wander around. I absolutely love these little moments when she sticks her hands in my mouth or holds on to my finger or shirt. I am really going to miss these times when she is so little.
-          I don’t want to forget about the noises and faces that she makes when she sees me walk into a room. She gets so excited to see me and knows that I am her mom. It really does not get better than that!
-          I don’t want to ever forget the simple times like Craig going and getting Paisley out of her crib in the morning and bringing her back to bed. Us three, just lying in bed. I will miss these simple times a laughing, bad breath, and boogie noses J

Happy Friday Everyone!
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