Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring Break

Ya...super behind on the blogging game. So we are doing a throwback to spring break!!

Craig and I will be moving down to Glendale, AZ for him to start dental school in August! 
So we decided that spring break would be the perfect time for us to go down and look around our new stomping grounds. 

We at four in the morning so that Paisley would sleep in the car most of the way down. We got to St. George at 8 am and were able to watch his little brother play a soccer game. We also were able to take a little hike and get our wiggles out before going to lunch and driving further south. 

Cutest chubby baby there ever way :) AH love this chunk!

We headed down to Vegas to stay with my brother before finishing the drive to AZ the next day. 
We had a great dinner that night and did some fantastic window shopping at Anthro :)

This was Paisley at church the next morning :)  HA! She was playing on the ground below us and daddy started tickling her back and she laid there forever! Ha, love those two ;)

We finished the drive on Sunday afternoon and spent ALL DAY Monday looking at apartments. 
Holy cow. So many choices. A little overwhelming, but mainly exciting.

Paisley was a little done by the end of her day. This vacation made her HATE her car seat :/ 
This is what we found at the end of the day...poor baby :(

 During this trip we wore all of our new summer clothes! 
These are my new favorite jammies of hers :)

On Tuesday we took the day off and relaxed by the pool and ate way too much food :) 
That is what a vacation is all about right??

 This was also Paisley's first time swimming :)

That night we went to this amazing Mexican restaurant. 
Love this little sweet lady.

 The drive home was a long one...sad baby, bored parents, etc. 
At least we had Pringles to help us out :) 

It was the PERFECT spring break and made us even more excited to soon be calling Glendale home. 
So excited for August!
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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Your baby is adorable.


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