Monday, April 18, 2016

6 Months!

Ok, although this post is a month late, I wrote it back when she was 6 months it counts!
Time seriously has flown by with this sweet baby girl of ours...but at the same time, it is really hard to imagine what life was like before her. So grateful that I have been a mamma to my little P for half of a year now! Crazy...but time, please slow down :(
This is how I feel...
Weight:  16.31 lbs. (52%)

  25.79 in. (45%)

Diaper Size: 2

Clothes Size:
Definitely into our 6-9/6-12 month clothes! I feel like she is jumping through the clothes…growing too fast!

Paiz, Paisley Poo, Plaisy, Stinker Bum, too many to name!

When she had her 6 month shots, she didn’t feel too well by the end of the night. She had a fever of 102 and was completely not acting like herself. She was burning hot and so cuddly. It seriously broke my heart. Thank heavens my sister is a nurse, so when I freak out because I am a #noob, I can call her and have her calm me down J Thank goodness for family.
Paisley has been a throw up baby. I don’t think most kids are like this, but her tummy must be a little sensitive. She has thrown up many times in the last month. We have found out that her body does not like the food combination of Squash, Peach, and Apple. Bad news. Poor girl started crying one night right when Craig and I were going to bed and we found her laying in tons of throw up. I felt so sad L Thank goodness she is still happy and healthy.

Since our vacation in Arizona, she hasn’t been super great. She has been waking up at least twice to eat during the night. Not my favorite.

Breastfeeding like a champ still. Why am I not ready to stop yet?? I absolutely love when she needs me for that. I am so grateful for that special bond that breastfeeding has brought to our relationship. She also eats about 4 oz. of a little fruit/veggie mix. She is pretty darn good at eating J She LOVES those little Graduate Puffs and her FAVORITE is anything that mom and dad are eating J

-       Eating mom and dad’s big kid food.
-       ICE! She loves sucking on little ice cubes J
-       Drinking out of a cup—even though all of it runs down her shirt and soaks her!
-       Snuggles with mom. MOM in general is like one of the only people that she wants to be held by! She totally leans to me when I walk in the room and I LOVE it J
-       Paisley loves being outside. Whenever she is teething and is really fussy, we just walk outside. It doesn’t matter if we are swinging, walking, jumping, looking at the dogs…she is happy J
-       P loves being around other people, especially kids J
-       Paisley still is swaddled every night when she goes to sleep…and during naps. She is a swaddle lover!

-       Paisley has been struggling not being held when I work out. She is patient for the first five minutes and then realizes that I won’t be picking her up for 40 more minutes and just gets pretty mad about it. I am NOT going to pay for a gym when I can do my workouts at home…so we are working on that work out relationship right now J

-       Totally sitting up on her own! Crazy that she is already doing this. Time passes so fast and they grow up sooo fast!
-       No teeth yet…come on out wherever you are!

Things I don't want to forget:
-       She is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She is so hilarious and Craig and I are always laughing at the sweet and funny things that she does J
-       She does this little face where she scrunches up her nose and breathes really fast in and out of her nose ;) so funny!
-       Her gummy, gummy smile J She loves to smile and show us her gums.
-       When we are feeding her big kid food, if we don’t get the next bite in fast enough, she starts yelling- crack up J
-       She spits all the time! Sometime I am covered in her drool because she spits and does zerberts J
-       FAVORITE: She has these jammies that say “You Are My Sunshine” on them. I have started singing that too her when she is sad and she will sit and listen to me. I absolutely love seeing her smile when I sing to her. I don’t know how I am ever going to let her grow up L

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  1. So many adorable pictures! Happy (late) half birthday!!!

    1. Thank you so much Kristin!! Crazy how fast time flies huh!!


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