Monday, July 4, 2016

9 Months

My sweet Paisley is officially 9 months old :) 
We have honestly been loving this stage! She is so much fun and is really starting to develop a cute personality. She has learned how to smile at people and shows her two little teeth while sniffing in and out...she is going to be a heart breaker with that little trick :) 
So, here is a little update on my sweetie pie!

Weight:  18.92 (45%)

Length:  27.95 in. (56%)

Diaper Size: 3…soon going to be in 4’s!

Clothes Size:
I was thinking that if I bought some clothes from Old Navy size 6-12 months that it was actually last me to 12 months…but they didn’t! Apparently Old Navy runs a little small, so we are now up to 12-18 months in Old Navy clothes and normal 9-12 months in other brands. I will never get sick of buying baby clothes…ever.

Paizy, Plaizy Poo, Little PP, Cutie Doo, Princess P J

She is a healthy baby girl and we couldn’t ask for anything better! 

So life has been so busy and crazy lately, so I feel like we can’t really even keep track of her sleep. When we are on vacation she is not good at eating or sleeping…then we get back and she gets back in the hang of things! So this last week, we moved in with my in-laws before we head down to AZ and we put a fan in our room. The first night we just thought she didn’t wake up in the middle of the night because we never heard her, but my mother-in-law said that she did wake up…so we didn’t even hear her! We talked with our doctor and he said that it was totally fine to just tune her out. Since she is old enough now that she doesn’t need to eat at night, we should just let her figure it out. So, we have been sleeping great this last week- and I think she has been too!

While we were in California, she was the WORST EATER EVER! I was thinking that she was just done breastfeeding! I was so sad and was just not ready to stop, but came to understand that if she was done, then we should be done. I continued to breastfeed her when we got home and she totally started feeding great again. It made me so happy!! We are going to try and make it to a year and I just think we might do it!!!

-       Loves eating little chucks of food by herself!
-       She loves to eat ice- but when we give her a cup of her own ice, she sticks her hand in there and it freezes!! Then she gets real sad J
-       She loves being with family- but even when we are with family, she still loves her mamma!
-       Getting around on her own J
-       Walking around while I hold her hands J She kicks her little feet out and it is hilarious!
-       She LOVES TO DANCE!! Whenever there is a song on, she looks around, and then starts dancing! I love it J

-       When we first went to the beach, she hated it. She would not touch the sand at all and if we took her anywhere near the water, she freaked. She would curl up her feet and wouldn’t touch the water and then every time the waves came in, she would start crying. By the end of the trip to Cali, she was sitting in the sand, giving it a taste, and loving it. Still hating the water…ha. We will work on it J

-       She hates when people aren’t paying attention to her!
-       When people are eating in front of her and don’t feed her…ha! She just starts screaming at them J

-       As of June 26th she is totally crawling!! She has her own little special style, but it is so dang cute J
-       She has THREE TEETH! She got her first two on May 25th and the third on June 25th. She sits and grinds her teeth now…which I hate. But we love those little toofins J

-       She also likes to stand up on her own…when she can J We will have to lower the crib when we get to AZ because she will fall out if we don’t!

Things I don't want to forget:
-       We graduated with a baby!! Craig and I did it…and I never want to forget that!!

-       I love my sweetheart baby. I love spending quality time with her just playing, cuddling, laughing, etc. I just really hope that we can stay best friends forever J <3

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