Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Carlizl's In California 2016 - Part 2

Here is a little update on the next little part of our trip! 
Coronado Beach was absolutely beautiful! I know tons of people that have been to Coronado, but I had never been and was totally surprised by how beautiful it was! 
The little town is so quaint and cute :) 
Plus, THE BEST GELATO EVER. Seriously. 
 The first day at the beach was a little cold, so I didn't leave Paisley on her own to discover much, but at Coronado it was warm and sunny. We went out to the water and Paisley nearly freaked :) haha!
She hated seeing the waves get close and would turn around to me and start crying. She also hated the sand, but by the end of the day, she was eating it and loving it :) 
One thing for sure is that we can't force this girl to do anything, she definitely has her own way and time of doing things. 

 Look at that smile!

 This is how she was anytime I took a step towards the water...ha Climbing to the top of the highest point!

 She would criss-cross her feet and lift them as high as she could to not touch the sand! ha!


 Sandy mouth :) 

 Cute little Sutton Button!

There was this one guy that was building a sand castle for a proposal latter that day. 
It was the coolest sand castle!!
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  1. CUTEST SWIMSUIT. Both you and Paisley.

    1. Thank you Laura! You are so sweet :) And CONGRATS ON GEORGIA!! I would be so excited if I were you :)


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