Thursday, July 7, 2016

Carlizl's In California 2016 - Part 3

One of our last days in California was spent at Lego Land :) 
It is not for adults, but it was fun to watch all of my nephews get so excited about all of the stuff they saw. It was funny how much stuff they knew about Legos :) 
I really do love my nieces and nephews so much- they are the bomb.

 Although it was a little cold for the splash pads/waterpark, Paisley loved it :) 


Our last night in Cali, we went to a Padre's game in downtown San Diego. 
Although we sat behind a bunch of drunks, it was still a pretty fun game :) 
 ...and no, they didn't win...ha

 Our attempt at a group picture :) 

On our way back home, we stopped at a u-pick strawberry farm outside of Temecula. 
The strawberries were seriously amazing!! I had no idea strawberries could taste that good. 

 Paisley and daddy picking strawberries :) 

 this is how like ALL the strawberries look...amazing and JUICY! 

 The most hilarious thing about this stop was when my sister let three of her kids loose in the strawberry patch with basket :) 
They ended up spending over $30 on strawberries because you have to buy everything you pick! hahaha!!!!

 I love this family of mine so so SO much. 
I am so sad to be moving away from them for the next four+ years. I love this picture of some of us while we were roasting marshmallows. 
So happy. :) 
 Little sleeping beauty!

See you later Cali :) 
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