Friday, July 8, 2016

Mission President and Hermana Carlisle

It is official!!
My parents are the new mission president and wife of the 
Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission!

I have been saving this blog post for some time. I have been wanting to write about my feelings that I have been experiencing since November when we received the news that my sweet parents would be leaving for three years to serve our Heavenly Father. 
 When we found out the news the weekend before Thanksgiving, we all knew something was coming. My mom had given all the kids a call and arranged for us to go out to dinner one night. We went to a mexican restaurant and my mom made sure that everyone could come over to her house after to get some dessert. We all knew something was fishy, because we get together all the time and it is never this 'formal.' 
We sat down in the front room and started throwing around things. We knew it had to be mission...but my dad was not planning on retiring for another year, so we thought it was a little strange. 
My dad proceeded to let us know that they had been called by our Heavenly Father to serve as mission presidents in Honduras. 
We all sat as a family as many tears were shed and also many hugs and questions. 
It was such an emotional evening, but so spiritual at the same time. 
I remember going into the kitchen to get some more dessert and my mom followed me in there. 
I had been crying off and on during the evening, but my mom was worried about me. We sat and cried and talked in the kitchen and that was one of the first moments that was so special because of this calling. 
My mom expressed her feelings about dealing with this burden on her own for a couple months because my dad had been so busy with work (he worked for Deseret Book and it was Christmas season = CRAZY!) 
I was so beyond amazed and proud of my mom and how brave she was being throughout this whole process. 
That night, when my mom was out of the room, my dad told us in a low voice about how proud he was of my mom. He told us of how he could already see such a change in her and her spirituality. 
I was so proud and still am of my parents <3 
This is a picture from when they were set apart in Elder Cook's office. 
 Since November, I have pushed all of my feelings away. I haven't wanted to think about them leaving because obviously it made me sad to think about not being able to see my parents for 3 years. 
((My dad is not allowed to ever leave the mission, but my mom can leave for emergencies. My mom has already told us that she will most likely not be leaving unless is really is a serious emergency. 
So, because of the Zika Virus still being a little unknown, I do not feel safe going down there when I still am wanting to have more children. ))
So, I enjoyed time with my mom and dad as much as I could and really learned to love second I spent with them.

 After our family vacation- things started going really fast. We got back on a Thursday, they were released on a Monday, went to the MTC on Wednesday, and we said our final goodbye to them on Sunday and they left the next day. It was SO fast. 
And honestly, that week was torture. 
All I could think about was that final goodbye. Father's day was hard because I knew it was my last one with my dad. 
One memory I want to remember was when I was sitting and talking with my dad before dinner started. My dad was telling me about his Saturday and the funny moments that he had that day. As I sat and listened to the stories he was telling (he is such a dork :)) I just started crying because I love him so much!
I knew that the next three years would be a little bit different and I just started thinking about not having one of his loving hugs for the next three years. 
My dad's hugs tell so much about him. You can honestly just feel how much he loves you from his hugs. 
 All these pictures are from when my mom and dad were set apart by Elder Cook. It was an awesome experience as we sat in his office. 
I had another testimony borne to me that day about this calling they had received. 

 As they entered the MTC on Wednesday, I knew they were so ready for their journey to start, but very scared because of all the questions they had.  Throughout that week, we received e-mails from my mom (she is the scribe :)) and you could hear the excitement in their words. 

 I love my parents hugs :) <3

I will continue with more in my next post :) 
With more pictures of course!
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