Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mission President and Hermana Carlisle- Part 2

The Sunday after my parents were finished in the MTC, we had "the last supper" with them :) 
I was actually dreading it all day long because I didn't want to have to say goodbye and I knew there were going to be lots of tears. 
But the night was actually super special and something that I want to remember for a long time to come. 
My mom taught Kindergarten/Second Grade for nearly 30 years so it was only suitable for her to read a story to say goodbye to all of her grandchildren. It was absolutely adorable. 
My mom changed the Green Eggs ad Ham book to -- "Brother Lurch and the Mormon Church."
It was all about Brother Lurch trying to convert this guy/or teach this guy about the Mormon Church.
This man does not want anything to do with the church for a long time, but after trying it...HE LOVES IT! 
After she finishes the cute story, she told the grandchildren how grandma and grandpa were going to go teach people about the church and how when people try the church, they will love it. 
They bore the sweetest testimony and then let all of the grandchildren go play.

After the grandkids left, my mom and dad took the opportunity to talk to their kids and in-laws. 
They shared their testimonies with us and talked to us about a lot of special stuff that I won't mention on here. 
One thing that I really want to remember is that they encouraged each of us to work on our testimonies while they are gone. They will be growing immensely over the next few years and really wanted us to be working on our spirituality also. 
That meant a lot to me. 

I was able to talk with my mom after dinner that night about all the amazing experiences she had had in the MTC that week. My parents would arrive to the meetings each day over an hour early to make sure that they could be up in the first few rows right by the apostles. They are so stinkin cute :) 
They were able to hear from almost all of the apostles and even President Monson through broadcast (because of his health).
What an amazing experience!

The goodbyes before they left were so bitter sweet. Watching them say goodbye to all of their grandkids was so hard. My mom and dad know that they will all be very different when they get back - for pete sakes, Paisley will be almost 4 years old!! Oh it makes my heart ache to think that she will miss such a big portion of her life, but I know we will keep in touch so she will get to see my little baby girl. 

My two sisters and I were able to drop my parents off at their hotel that night (down in Provo by the MTC). They were to leave in the morning on a shuttle with the rest of the mission presidents that were going to the airport that day. 
We enjoyed the ride down to Provo together and talked about all the stuff that they were going to be heading into, along with more of their experiences that week. When we got to the hotel, we sat and talked in the car for another 30 minutes, putting off the inevitable. 
My dad finally said we had to say goodbye. We got out of the car and many tears started to fall. 
We sat and cried and hugged and hugged for 5 minutes straight. 
It was such a spiritual experience and a feeling that I won't ever forget. 
We waved goodbye and started watching them walk away before my sisters and I turned to each other and hugged and cried. We finally made our way back to the car, wiped many tears, and then started to drive away.
As we pulled out, we could see my mom in the window of the hotel lobby waving to us as she held her bags. 
The tears started all over again as I watched her, knowing that that would be the last time I would see her for three years. 
This was such a beautiful and special experience that I will hold near to my heart.

My mom and dad are such amazing people. 
There is no one else that would have been more perfect for this calling at this time. 
This experience has just been another testament to me that the Lord knows His children. He watches over us, protects us, comforts us, and loves us. 
We are all His children and that will never change no matter what we do. 

I know of the truthfulness of this gospel and I am so lucky that I get to watch my parents through these very trying and hard experiences, but also the most changing and beautiful of experiences also. 

I am very blessed. 
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