Thursday, July 28, 2016


I am proud to say that I FINALLY GRADUATED! 
That may sound funny, because I just turned 22 and I was only in college four years which is less than most college graduates, but I FREAKING DID IT WITH A BABY! 
When I found out I was pregnant, I almost decided not to go back to school. I would have to take 18 credits a semester and do an internship during the just sounded like a lot of work.
But, I always promised myself that I would graduate, so I did. 
And I could not be happier that I did! 

(BUT thank goodness it is over!!!)
Here are some pictures from the day that my hubs and I were able to receive our Bachelor Degrees (his in Biology and mine in Community Health)

 Favorite Professor Ever :) 

 My other mamma friend saved my life. 

 My best friend Ashley wanted to see me before graduation and was so sweet to hang around after one of her family members ceremonies.

Graduation selfie!!

 My sister came and brought her two cute kids. Paisley loved playing with baby Sutton :)

We are so dang proud of ourselves!!

 Mr. Craiger gettin his diploma!!


 My favorite picture from the day :) 

 Best families I could ever ask for.
It is because of both of our families that we were able to do it...

 (don't mind the hat hair!)

I will always remember this day!
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  1. YEAH YEAH YEAHHHH!!!! That's so awesome, congratulations! And with a baby too-- girl you DID IT!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Seriously- you are the one who made me believe it was possible after I saw that you did it :) You are awesome!! Thanks again :)


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