Friday, July 29, 2016

10 Months

This chunk is such a happy girl and is so playful all the time :) 
We are always entertained by her and she is so funny!
Weight:  18.92 lbs. + some

Length:  27.95 in. + some

Diaper Size: 3…still…waiting for our Amazon order of 4’s!

Clothes Size:  Some 12-18 months and some 9-12 months

Nicknames:  Paiz, Paisey Poo, Chunka Munk…etc.

Health: Healthy HEALTHY!

She is the best sleeper ever!! She has really been on a schedule lately and I know that that is why. She sleeps about 11 hours during the night and then takes two pretty good naps during the day! When she sleeps well, she is a happy baby…and that makes one HAPPY mamma!


Still breastfeeding, but loves plain food! All. The. Time. She literally never wants to stop eating! 

-       FOOD. Period.
-       She loves giving kisses to mom and dadda
-       Standing!
-       Opening drawers and cupboards…she is such a trouble maker!
-       Bathes! She loves being naked and free in the water. She will sit and talk with her ducks and it is really sweet.
-       She is quite the dancer still…has been since she was a baby. She gets it from her mamma!
-       She learned how to whistle! ...Like are you kidding me? Her Great Grandpa Jay thinks it is HILAROUS.

-       She knows how to work the X box controller. She can turn it on and she loves messing around with it and making the tv talk back to her. HA!

-       When you don’t let her pull open drawers and stuff…she melts down. Ha! Let’s just say that she hates when she doesn’t get her way.
-       When we take food away from her…or when we eat in front of her without giving her any.
-       When someone hurts her mom – ha! Her grandma Lisa and I were wrestling the other day and Paisley started bawling because she thought she was hurting me!
-       She dislikes baby food now…she won’t eat it. Just spits it out and makes a mess!

-       She doesn’t like chicken salad sandwiches, bananas, or eggs much…she is weird about those ones. 

-       Four teeth!
-       Crawling like a mad woman…we are now getting interested in stairs…this will be fun!

Things I don't want to forget:

-       Eating breakfast the other morning with Paisley and Craig. We were all just so happy. I could see it in Craig’s eyes…and I know that Paisley could feel it too because of her smiles. One of those moments that I don’t want to forget.

And not to mention...picture taking has gotten much harder...she is always on the
Love this Paisley POO!
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