Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lately in September 2016

Here is a little catch up from our time here in the Arizona sun!
 Every Wednesday a bunch of us dental wives go on a hike on trails that are near our house. 
It is such a great break from the normal days of being mammas that are husband-less. 

 We have had some fun at a few splash pads around town! Paisley is such a funny goose. She LOVES the water and tries to run around from each water feature. It is pretty darn funny :) 

 Paisley swimmin with her friends!

 All fresh and clean!

 Paisley loves LOVES when dad comes home for lunch!

 Paisley was not feeling well one day- so we went on a walk (I was in my jams and she was in a diaper...ha!!)  to get out of the house. We stopped at a park and played on the play a diaper. ha!
I am a good mom. 
 Lazy days playin on the patio :)
 Paisley givin cuddles to Andre- one of our friends!- so cute. It was like this for 5 whole minutes!
 Taking stupid selfies with Dr. Young's loopes on!
 Kisses at Costco

 New winter hat :) 
 I finished making her birthday hat and she thought it was pretty funny
 After Women's Conference we went out with a big group of girls to Red Robin for a little after conference dinner. Sadly- the wait was an hour for all of us- so we headed over to Applebees. I was DYING to have RR fries, so my friend Brittani and I just went back over and got a table and ate our hearts out. ahhh...makes my mouth water just thinking about it. 

 and now...more splash pad visits

 We love when it isn't burning hot outside- it means we can go on walks in the middle of the day!
  Not a baby anymore :(
 Always making messes...
 This is one of her favorite treats lately...she is real good at pooping too...

 My messy breakfast girl!

 Selfies to dada!
 The whole three years Craig and I have been married, I have never had a front door to put a wreath on! SO!! I finally have a front door! I went to the craft store and crafted my little heart out :)

 Yes, we do live in Arizona. 
Yes, my husband is in a blanket.
Yes, our house is literally 80 degrees. 
Yes, we have acclimated :) hahaha!
...and I will leave you with this good one :) 

Life is good :)

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