Wednesday, October 5, 2016

12 Months!

Crazy to think that this is my last month update on my big baby girl!! 
It really does feel like yesterday that I was holding my newborn baby girl- and now look at her! 
I am not ready for her to start getting older, but I love the little personality that she is developing- even though she is spicy!

Weight: 20.6 lbs (42%)

 30 in. (79%)

Diaper Size: 4’s!

Clothes Size:  Some 12-18 months and some 9-12 months- not much has changed there!

Nicknames:  Little Miss P, Paisley Peach, Tinker, Lover Dove, etc!

Health: SICK… ALL THE TIME. SICK! She got a cold that we thought was teething for a while, then got better, then got the throw up and diarrhea bug, then got better…THEN GOT a virus! It has been quite the struggle for the last three weeks. Goodness…mom needs a break.

Sleep: This has also been a little bit of a struggle lately...probably because she was sick. But nap times have been a struggle.

Diet:  Still trying to work on the weaning thing. She LOVES the boob…too much.

-       She still loves to swim- but she really wishes she could do it by herself…which is starting to be a problem. HA! She just wants me to let her go- but we obviously know what would happen if I did that!
-       Teddy Grahams! We just bought some for her yesterday and she loves them. Haha
-       She loves to walk around the house with her little walker, but she doesn’t know how to turn it when she runs into walls and such, so I get to follow her everywhere she goes because she runs into something about every 3 feet! Goose. Ha
-       She loves going on walks. It is like her therapy or something. It is really hot most the time, but it is also moms therapy because it gets us out of the house and helps separate the day a tad more while dad is gone.

-       Still hates the car seat…with a passion.
-       When I don’t let her get her way.
-       When I don’t share things with her- like Diet Cokes or smoothies. haha

-       She took her first steps on her birthday!!! I caught it on video, but then after that, all she wanted to do was watch the video of herself! Ha Funny girl!
-       Tantrums? Is that a milestone? Ha. She is really good at the whole throw your body back and smash your feet around thing. Goodness- it is totally my favorite thing ever (not!)

Things I don't want to forget:
-       Paisley has quite the strong personality. She is very driven to get what she wants…sometimes (maybe most the time) it is really hard because that obviously is not the easiest thing to handle as a mom, but I also know that one day when she is older, it may be a very good thing. 
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