Wednesday, September 14, 2016

11 Months

This post is a month late, but it is now up!!
Soon the 12 month update will follow! ha

Weight:  19 lbs. + some

  27.95 in. + some

Diaper Size: 
4’s all the way

Clothes Size:  
Some 12-18 months and some 9-12 months- not much has changed there!

Paisley Poo, Plaisly, Miss P, P, Stinky Bum

Normal as a peach!

When we moved to Arizona, Paisley thought it was a good idea to start waking up at 5 AM every day, then the next week was 5:30, then 6, then 6:30. We are now awake at around 7 every morning. Still missing that 8 am wake up call. Missing it quite a lot. haha

I just started trying to wean P. And it isn’t going so well anymore. We will continue to try. Ha. Other than that, it is just a bunch of food! This girl is always hungry!!

-       She loves to swim! Her favorite is when daddy goes swimming with us!
-       Paisley loves to help her dad build stuff- or just act like she is building stuff. She is a hoot.
-       She loves baths! OMG. She loves baths. Or just sitting in the shower while I shower.
-       We eat a lot of string cheese and strawberries in our house lately…well, I should say Paisley does!
-       Other things that she downs is Diet Coke, Frappuccino’s, and Gold Fish. Ya…I know, I am a good mom.
-       Spending time with her cousins. We went to Brianhead with my family for Labor Day weekend and she loved hanging out with her cousins. It was so cute how much her older cousins had missed her! I love family!
-       READING! I have read the same board books over...and over....and over :) 

-       She hates the car seat. But I would too! It gets so hot in the backseat and no matter what I try and do with the air, it never gets to her fast enough.
-       Milk…we are trying to fix that.

-       Almost 8 teeth! That bite is nasty!

Things I don't want to forget:
-       When we went to Brianhead, I was so SO STRESSED about making the drive to Vegas by myself. Well, when we were driving back, I had time to reflect on the weekend together. I had the opportunity to be a single mom and had to do (mostly) everything by myself, and when it was just us too, it really was by myself! There were still times until the moment I got home that I was a little scared doing it alone, but it was an awesome growing experience. Paisley and I had the opportunity to bond so much- and that may sound weird if you have never experienced it, but it is true! Even with an 11 month old! At the end of the trip, I was tired, but I also felt so much closer to Paisley- like we had this new relationship that just grew even more. Those days were tough, but they will always be something that I hold dear now.
-       Paisley already had her first kiss, from her first boyfriend! His name is Landon and they are the best of buds. Landon is such a cuddler and sometimes when he gets near P just takes off. Haha! So fun to watch them interact with each other. 

Never want to forget these little piggies :) 
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